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An A to Z of Methodology

This A to Z of Methodology provides links to current theory and practice in English language teaching in general, but with particular reference to Cambridge English Worldwide (CEWw) and Cambridge English for Schools (CES) by Andrew Littlejohn and Diana Hicks. The Teacher's Books which accompany the course contain cross-references to entries in the A to Z.

To view individual entries click on the links below. Cross-references to other entries in the A to Z are shown in CAPITAL LETTERS.

A - F G - M N - R S - Z
Autonomy Games Open-ended tasks Simulation
Skimming and scanning
Checking answers Grammar record Pace Songs
Classroom research Groupwork Pairwork Speaking
Critical language awareness Help yourself Parcel of English Spelling
Critical pedagogy Help yourself list Participation Student involvement
Curriculum links Homework Pattern practice Student test writing
Decide ... exercises Ideas list Physical movement Tasks
Discipline Inductive grammar Posters Tasks in blocks
Discussions Inside the text Problem solving Teaching adolescents
Displaying students' work Interactive writing Processing writing Time to spare?
Do it yourself Language record Process time Timing
Errors and error correction Learning strategies Pronunciation Translation
Evaluation Listening Questions Video
Exercise Box Memory Reading Vocabulary
Feedback Mixed abilities Role play Writing
Fluency Monitoring and guiding   Zero level
Four skills Mother tongue   Zone of proximal development



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