English Grammar in Use Pairwork and Groupwork

"English in Mind goes one step beyond. We’re not just teaching the students grammar, we are preparing them for life."

Paulina Gandara, Ecuador

Starter Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

A letter from the authors

Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to bring you the second edition of English in Mind, which we believe retains the features which have made the series attractive to, and successful with, teachers and learners alike all over the world. We have, of course, made several improvements, all designed to give you and your students even more benefits. Here are just some of the key elements which we hope will make English in Mind Second edition a success in your classroom:

  • Brand new videostories which are part of a sophisticated DVD-ROM, included with the Student's Book, together with games and extra activities. A 'Videoke' function gives students the opportunity to practise the language of the video dialogues in an enjoyable and effective way.
  • Speaking is given extra attention with a good range of activities to allow your students to develop oral fluency.
  • A 'Get it right' section allows students to focus on common areas of difficulty (as informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus).
  • There is a large number of 'Everyday English' expressions, selected on the basis of the CANCODE Corpus of spoken language, ensuring that your students learn lexical chunks which are of proven frequency in conversational English.
  • There are additional vocabulary exercises after the 'Culture in mind' sections and a 'Vocabulary bank' (extending the lexical sets presented in each unit) at the end of the book.
  • There is an optional 'Welcome section' offering a quick start to the course at every level and giving teachers the option of reviewing previously learnt language with their students.
  • Each level has 14 units instead of 16, allowing the course to be completed more easily without any reduction in the grammar or lexical syllabi.
  • The Testmaker CD-ROM, expanded Teacher’s Resource Book and classroom presentational software give you extra flexible support.
  • The online area contains extra fun activities, games and quizzes for students.
Jeff Stranks Herbert Puchta

Herbert Puchta and Jeff Stranks