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EiMTV is a series of lively DVDs/Videos based in Britain, which include a mix of facts, real-life interviews and drama. EiMTV complements the first four levels of English in Mind, from Starter to Level 3 (beginner to intermediate). The videos may also be used with any English course of a corresponding level.

Each video is approximately 40 minutes long and has four sections: The Mag, It's All About Me, Life Swap and The Hub.

For a full description of the contents of each level, click on The Programmes.

A booklet accompanies each DVD/Video and includes an introduction, photocopiable worksheets, teaching notes with answer keys, and full video scripts. The worksheets offer a wealth of activities divided into Before, While and After You Watch tasks. The teaching notes provide programme summaries and background information, explain each task, and offer suggestions for extension activities. You can download the worksheets from the activity booklets here.

The Mag screenshot   It's All about Me screenshot
The Mag follows two presenters as they travel in search of interesting places and people around Britain.   It's All About Me looks at different lifestyles: from an ice skater to a chef.
Life Swap screenshot   The Hub screenshot
Life Swap shows two people changing places for the day — a flight attendant becoming a graffiti artist, for example.   The Hub is a drama based around a performing arts club. This spans the four levels, and is based around four friends with each level focusing on the problems of one key character.