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Teacher resources

These resources are to supplement the course. Some are supplied as PDF files, for which you will require Adobe Reader.

Follow the link to the left if you need to obtain the free Adobe Reader.

Supplementary material

NEW! Extra reading in association with The Independent
Stimulating extra lesson materials based on authentic newspaper articles from The Independent. The articles and exercises encourage extensive reading, developing studentsí vocabulary and range of expression. Each article links to the Unit themes of English in Mind levels 4 and 5, and has a lesson plan and student worksheet.
English in Mind Level 5 Projects
Four class projects linked to the module themes of English in Mind 5. Interesting, practical ideas that get your students using English to do real tasks.
Grammar worksheets
Give your students extra grammar practice to consolidate the grammar in the Student Books. These worksheets can be used as homework or in class.
Vocabulary worksheets
Give your students extra vocabulary practice to consolidate the vocabulary in the Student Books. These worksheets include wordsearches, crosswords, dialogue gap fills and logic puzzles, as well as sentence completion.
CEF Portfolio Builders
Download photocopiable language portfolios specially written for use with each level of English in Mind.
Guided dialogues
Extra speaking activities for your students. In pairs, students complete the gapped dialogues with their own ideas. They can then practise them together.
Give your students extra vocabulary practice by using these wordlists to make tests and extra practice activities. You could also encourage students to make personal dictionaries by writing their own definitions and example sentences. The wordlists are available in 15 languages.
Module tests
Tests to assess students' progress both halfway through and at the end of each module for Levels 1 to 3. Entry and end of module tests for Level 4. Two versions of each test are available to combat cheating.

Further resources

English in Mind and the use of a portfolio: what's in it for you and your students?
The European Language Portfolio (ELP) is becoming a buzzword. In this article, Herbert Puchta describes what the ELP is, and why it is a good thing.
Interview with Herbert Puchta
In an interview that appeared in The Teacher magazine in Poland, Herbert Puchta elaborates on some of his interests, and how this relates to English in Mind.
Teaching Tips
Gary Anderson offers some advice on teaching teenagers.
KET, PET, FCE and CAE correlations
These cross-reference grids relate the content of English in Mind to the KET, PET, FCE and CAE exam syllabuses.
The Student Resources page contains weblinks for every level of the course so that you can find out more about the topics covered.