Who is Cambridge Archive Editions?

Cambridge Archive Editions is the new name for the business formerly known as Archive Editions, a small, specialist publisher of primary source documents established 20 years ago. Cambridge University Press formally acquired Archive Editions in August 2008, and will take over the distribution of all existing titles and new publishing from early October.

This acquisition is highly significant for the development of both print and electronic reference and archival publishing at Cambridge University Press.

What does Cambridge Archive Editions publish?

Cambridge Archive Editions publishes multi-volume collections of primary source material, including historical documents, for academic research and political consultation. These publications provide hundreds of thousands of pages of facsimile documents, as well as relevant maps, on the national heritage and political development of many countries. The list is particularly rich in the study of boundary formation, claims and disputes, and the history of the Middle East has been a strength for many years.

The range of publishing

Existing publishing relates to three regions: