The Cambridge Library Collection is the premier imprint for reissues of out-of-copyright scholarly books. It provides top-quality print and online resources for researchers, students and enthusiasts seeking important works from the past. In consultation with leading scholars around the world, and in collaboration with rare books librarians in many prestigious institutions, the Cambridge Library Collection publishes across the full range of academic subjects, from anthropology to zoology.

The Cambridge Library Collection offers:

  • The best reproductions available – every scanned page goes through strict quality control and restoration processes, to repair the effects of damage and wear in the original
  • A visual effect very close to what readers would have seen when the books were first published
  • Provision of full bibliographic information
  • Descriptions of each title, giving background and context
  • Searchability online
  • Over 2.3 million book pages, with regular additions

With more than 5,000 volumes in over 50 thematic series, the rapidly expanding Cambridge Library Collection allows contemporary readers easily to own and access influential works of the past.

Winner of the Specialist Book Award 2011, from the Cambridgeshire Association for Local History

'... masterfully conceived and pristinely produced … Cambridge University Press has provided the scholarly world with an incomparable resource with the publication of the CLC. Kudos to Cambridge.'
Roger D. Woodard, Andrew van Vranken Raymond Professor of the Classics, Professor of Linguistics, University of Buffalo

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