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Odysseus Unbound - The search for Homer's Ithaca

About the authors

Robert Bittlestone Robert Bittlestone

Robert Bittlestone was educated in classics and science before reading economics at the University of Cambridge. He is the founder of Metapraxis Ltd, a company specialising in the detection of early warnings for multinational companies. He is the author of many articles about the importance of visualisation and he has applied these principles to the enigma described in this book. He is married with four children and describes himself as an enthusiastically incompetent skier, sailor and windsurfer.

James Diggle James Diggle

James Diggle is Professor of Greek and Latin at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Queens’ College. His publications include the Oxford Classical Text of Euripides (Oxford, 1981–94), Euripidea: Collected Essays (Oxford, 1994) and Theophrastus: Characters (Cambridge, 2004). He was University Orator at Cambridge for eleven years, and has published a selection of his speeches in Cambridge Orations 1982–1993 (Cambridge, 1994).

John Underhill John Underhill

John Underhill is Professor of Stratigraphy at the University of Edinburgh. His primary research interest lies in the use of geological fieldwork and geophysical methods to investigate the structure and stratigraphy of sedimentary basins.

He has been investigating and elucidating the geology of the Ionian Islands of western Greece since 1982. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He also referees professional football matches and in 2001 was promoted to the FIFA List of International Referees.

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6th October 2005

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