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Shakespeare Survey

Volume: 66 Working with Shakespeare
    • Hardback

    • ISBN:9781107041738
    • 486pages
    • 39 b/w illus.
      • Dimensions: 246 x 189 mm
      • Weight: 1.1kg


      Table of Contents

      1. Sermons, plays and note-takers: Hamlet Q1 as a 'noted' text Tiffany Stern
      2. Equivocations: reading the Shakespeare/Middleton Macbeth Cordelia Zukerman
      3. The date of Sir Thomas More Hugh Craig
      4. Filming 'the weight of this sad time': Yasujiro Ozu's rereading of King Lear in Tokyo Story (1953) Reiko Oya
      5. Cursing to learn: theatricality and the creation of character in The Tempest David Schalkwyk
      6. Like an Olympian wrestling Richard Wilson
      7. 'Doing Shakespeare': how Shakespeare became a school 'subject' Janet Bottoms
      8. (Mis)advising Shakespeare's players Michael Cordner
      9. Making the work of play Michael Pavelka (in conversation with Carol Chillington Rutter)
      10. 'On the wrong track to ourselves': Armin Senser's Shakespeare and the issue of artistic creativity in contemporary German poetry Tobias Döring
      11. 'What country, friends, is this?': Cultural identity and the World Shakespeare Festival Stephen Purcell
      12. Redefining knowledge: an epistemological shift in Shakespeare studies Péter Dávidházi
      13. Shakespeare as presentist John Drakakis
      14. Greater Shakespeare: working, playing and making with Shakespeare Hester Lees-Jeffries
      15. 'A joint and corporate voice': re-working Shakespearean seminars Scott L. Newstok
      16. Shakespeare and the cultures of translation Ton Hoenselaars
      17. Shakespeare's inhumanity Kiernan Ryan
      18. Making something out of 'nothing' in Shakespeare R. S. White
      19. 'A book where one may read strange matters': en-visaging character and emotion on the Shakespearean stage Michael Neill
      20. 'Hear the ambassadors!': Marking Shakespeare's Venice connection Carol Chillington Rutter
      21. 'O, what a sympathy of woe is this': passionate sympathy in Titus Andronicus Richard Meek
      22. Who drew the Jew that Shakespeare knew?: Misericords and medieval Jews in The Merchant Of Venice M. Lindsay Kaplan
      23. 'Imaginary puissance': Shakespearean theatre and the law of agency in Henry V, Twelfth Night and Measure For Measure Erica Sheen
      24. Hamlet and empiricism James Hirsh
      25. 'Let me see what thou hast writ': mapping the Shakespeare–Fletcher working relationship in The Two Noble Kinsmen at the Swan Varsha Panjwani
      26. Shakespeare performances in England (and Wales) 2012 Carol Chillington Rutter
      27. Professional Shakespeare productions in the British Isles, January-December 2011 James Shaw
      28. The year's contribution to Shakespeare studies: 1. Critical studies reviewed by Charlotte Scott
      2. Shakespeare in performance reviewed by Russell Jackson
      3. Editions and textual studies reviewed by Sonia Massai.