Communicative Activities

Download communicative activities for every level of Grammar and Beyond.

Beginning through Intermediate (Grammar and Beyond levels 1 and 2)

Ability Adjectives Adjectives and Adverbs
Articles (1) Articles (2) Comparatives
Conjunctions Count/Noncount Nouns The Future
Have Imperatives Infinitives/Gerunds
Necessity and Conclusions Object Relative Clauses Past Progressive and Simple Past
Past Time Clauses Phrasal Verbs Possessive and Indefinite Pronouns
Prepositions (1) Prepositions (2) Present of Be
Present Perfect Present Perfect Progressive Present Progressive
Pronouns Quantifiers Questions with Be
Requests and Permission Simple Past Simple Present
Subject Relative Clauses Suggestions and Advice Superlatives
There is, There are This, That, These, Those Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Will, May, Might


High Intermediate through Advanced (Grammar and Beyond levels 3 and 4)

Adverb Clauses Articles Direct/Indirect Speech
The Future Gerunds Infinitives
Modals of Probability Negative Questions Nouns
Noun Clauses Passive Voice Past Perfect
Prepositions Present Perfect Real Conditionals
Reflexive Pronouns Relative Clauses Social Modals
Stative Verbs That Clauses Unreal Conditionals
Used to and Would


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