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Touchstone Blended Learning is a completely customizable suite of print and digital course components that can be delivered 100% online, 100% in print, or anywhere in between. It is the first fully blended English language course from Cambridge University Press.

Aimed at adult and young adult learners of English, Touchstone is a unique combination of book-based and online learning… with both using the same syllabus and teaching techniques to deliver the same learning outcomes.

It lets you adjust how much book-based and online learning you use… to ‘blend’ the course based on your needs and resources.

Key Features

  • The Online Course offers hundreds of hours of interactive activities that follow the same reliable course syllabus with the Print Course. This helps students achieve the same important learning outcomes whether the instruction is delivered in print (for classroom use), online (for self-study), or a combination of both.
  • Online access means instant access: anytime, anywhere. Students can study in a safe domain of their own, without having to wait for a computer to become available in the computer lab, or feeling frustrated with faulty equipment.
  • Multimedia exercises provide a more varied and engaging learning experience. Students are motivated and in charge of their own learning experience. Audio and video role play activities provide opportunities for autonomous self-study.
  • The Online Workbook is available as a stand-alone component or integrated seamlessly into the Online Course.
  • All the content and the activities students need to acquire the language successfully is delivered in one place; the Cambridge Learning Management System (Cambridge LMS). Everything teachers need to completely manage and run a successful English language course is found in one place, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The Cambridge LMS uniquely provides a collaborative environment for students to communicate with each other and their teachers to actually produce written and spoken English online.


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