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English Unlimited Vocabulary Extra Worksheets

Vocabulary Extra worksheets revise and extend lexical sets from each level of English Unlimited. They can be used in class or for homework. Vocabulary items are tagged with English Vocabulary Profile level descriptors, so that learners can track their growing wordpower at each level.

The worksheets for all levels are divided into two sections:

1. Review
This section revises a key set of vocabulary (and, once in a while, two linked sets of vocabulary) from each unit. It provides additional controlled practice and can be used in class, as homework to be checked by the teacher, or as self-study material with answer keys provided. Most of the vocabulary items have superscript tags showing their English Vocabulary Profile level (e.g. A1, B2). 

2. Extension
This section introduces a new set of vocabulary that extends the set revised in Review. It is designed for learners who want an extra challenge and are interested in increasing their vocabulary rapidly. Almost all the items are tagged with their English Vocabulary Profile level.



Adrian Doff and Leslie Anne Hendra



Adrian Doff and Leslie Anne Hendra



Leslie Anne Hendra



Leslie Anne Hendra


Upper Intermediate

Leslie Anne Hendra



Leslie Anne Hendra

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