Online Training for Cambridge courses

Online Training Modules

Are you using a Cambridge course for the first time? Are you new to blended learning, online teaching, or to the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS)? Our Online Training modules are here to help. The modules

  • help you explore and become familiar with the CLMS

  • make sure you use your course to its maximum effect

  • ensure your learners reach their full potential

  • help you get your blended teaching off to a confident start 

All modules are delivered through the CLMS, take 1 – 2 hours to work through and give you a Cambridge certificate of completion. You can work through them in self-study mode whenever it suits you or work through them as part of a cohort – for example with the other teachers in your institution so you can exchange ideas as you go along. If one of you would like to act as an e-moderator for the course all modules contain e-moderator notes and guidelines. Take as many modules as you like, all free of charge as a Cambridge customer! 

Online Teacher Training Module
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Blended Learning
Class tools in the Cambridge LMS
Teacher Development
Primary Digital Teacher Training Course
Secondary Digital Teacher Training Course
Teaching with…modules
Teaching with Empower
Teaching with Eyes Open
Teaching with Prepare!
Teaching with Testbank
Teaching with THiNK
Teaching with Touchstone (Including second edition)
Teaching with Uncover
Teaching with Kid's Box
Teaching with Super Minds