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Reinventing Rationality


  • Page extent: 408 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521022521 | ISBN-10: 0521022525)

DOI: 10.2277/0521022525

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In this book, Professor McGarity reveals the complex and problematic relationship between the 'regulatory reform' movements initiated in the early l970s and the United States' federal bureaucracy. Examining both the theory and application of 'regulatory reform' under the Reagan administration, the author succeeds in offering both a relevant analysis and critique of 'regulatory reform' and its implementation through bureaucratic channels. Using several case studies from the early Reagan years, this book describes the clash of regulatory cultures resulting from the President's attempt to incorporate 'regulatory analysis' into the bureaucratic decision-making process. Yet while McGarity recognizes the limitations of regulatory analysis, he concludes with suggestions for enhancing its effectiveness. This book could be used not only as a textbook for political science and government courses but also for graduate applications in public policy and public administration.


Introduction; Part I. The Clash of Regulatory Cultures: 1. The evolution of the regulatory analysis programme; 2. Rational decision-making as regulatory reform; 3. Case studies of regulatory analysis in the decision-making process; Part II. The Virtues and Limitations of Analysis: 4. Virtues of regulatory analysis; 5. Limitations of regulatory analysis; 6. Regulatory analysis in the real world; Part III. Structuring Regulatory Analysis into the Decision-Making Process: 7. Roles for the regulatory analyst; 8. The hierarchical model; 9. The outside advisor model; 10. The team model; 11. The adversarial model; 12. A hybrid model; 13. Selecting the right model; Part IV: Review of Regulatory Analysis: 14. Office of management and budget review of regulatory analysis; 15. Judicial review of regulatory analysis; Part V. Conclusions: 16. The appropriate role for analysis in the modern regulatory state.

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