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Essays in Honor of Kenneth J. Arrow
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  • Page extent: 236 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.52 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 339
  • Dewey version: 19
  • LC Classification: HB846.8 .S59 1986
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Social choice
    • Decision making
    • Equilibrium (Economics)
    • Macroeconomics
    • Uncertainty

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521304542 | ISBN-10: 0521304547)

DOI: 10.2277/0521304547

  • Also available in Paperback
  • Published October 1986

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Professor Kenneth J. Arrow is one of the most distinguished economic theorists. He has played a major role in shaping the subject and is honoured by the publication of three volumes of essays on economic theory. Each volume deals with a different area of economic theory. The books include contributions by some of the best economic theorists from the United States, Japan, Israel and Europe.


Part I. Social Choice: 1. Consequentialist social norms for public decisions Peter J. Hammond; 2. Information and invariance in normative choice Amartya Sen; 3. Utilitarian morality in a world of very half-hearted altruists John C. Harsanyi; 4. On the implementation of social choice rules in irrational societies Leonid Hurwicz; 5. Walrasian social choice: some simple axiomatic approaches Louis Gevers; Part II. Decision Making in the Public Sector: 6. Testing for optimality in the absence of convexity Herbert E. Scarf; 7. Toward a theory of planning Michael D. Intriligator and Eytan Sheshinski; 8. On the social risk premium David A. Starrett; 9. A problem of financial market equilibrium when the timing of tax payments is indeterminate David F. Bradford; 10. The shadow price of capital: implications for the opportunity cost of public programs, the burden of the debt, and tax reform Robert C. Lind.


Peter J. Hammond, Amartya Sen, John C. Harsanyi, Leonid Hurwicz, Louis Gevers, Herbert E. Scarf, Michael D. Intriligator, Eytan Sheshinski, David A. Starrett, David F. Bradford, Robert C. Lind

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