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  • Page extent: 288 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.548 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 005.13/3
  • Dewey version: 20
  • LC Classification: QA76.73.A35 A24 1989
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Ada (Computer program language)--Congresses

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521381307 | ISBN-10: 0521381304)

  • Published July 1989

Unavailable - out of print November 2004

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This book contains the proceedings of the 1989 Ada-Europe conference. These meetings constitute the most significant events in this field within Europe, and attract delegates from around the world. The theme of this year's conference is design methods; this is of major importance since both Ada compilers and the applications built with Ada are huge. Papers in this volume, which have all been carefully refereed, study the design methods within Ada, and how they may need to be augmented with additional methods and tools where necessary. They make informed and essential reading for all involved in the use of Ada in industry and research.


Preface; Part I. Language Extensions Ada++: 1. A class and inheritance extension for Ada J. P. Forester, C. Fornarino and P. Franchi-Zannettacci; 2. Dynamic binding and inheritance in an object-oriented Ada design C. M. Donaldson; 3. Language extensions to allow rapid mode shifting in the Ada programming language J. Van Katwijk and H. Toetenel; Part II. Real Time Design Dragoon: 4. An Ada-based object oriented language for concurrent, real-time, distributed systems A. Di Maio, C. Cardigno, R. Bayan, C. Destombes and C. Atkinson; 5. A practical real-time design method for Ada P. M. Molko and K. S. Ellison; 6. Practical experiences of Ada and OOD in real-time distributed systems N. W. Davis, M. Irving and J. E. Lee; 7. A portable common execution environment for Ada A. Burns and C. W. McKay; 8. PROMETHEE: designing a process control system G. Auxiette, J. F. Cabadi and P. Rehbinder; 9. Ada tools for rapid prototyping of real-time systems A. Crespo, J. A. de la Puente, A. Espinosa and A. Garcia-Fornes; Part III. Real-Time Scheduling: 10. Hard real time systems and Ada J. L. Freniche; 11. Comprehensive race controls: a versatile scheduling mechanism for real-time applications T. Elrad; 12. A review of analytic real-time scheduling theory and its application to Ada L. Sha and J. B. Goodenough; Part IV. Design Language Adadl and Aisle: 13. An Ada-based PDL and supporting toolset which encourage the use of Ada during design J. Robinson and M. R. Palmer; 14. Formalising the design of Ada systems using LOTOS D. W. Bustard, M. R. Norris and R. A. Orr; 15. From algebraic specifications to correct Ada programs: the Esprit Project PROSPECTRA P. De la Cruz, B. Krieg-Bruckner and A. Perez-Riesco; Part V. Implementation Issues: 16. Design for high performance S. H. Saib and R. J. Gilinsky; 17. A storage model for Ada on hierarchical-memory multiprocessor S. Flynn Hummel, R. B. Dewar and E. Schonberg; Part VI. Practical Experience: 18. Designing a flight control program with Ada Y. Kol; 19. The use of JSD and Ada on the submarine command system project J. R. Lawton; 20. Cordada: an expert system compiler into Ada D. Chouvet, D. Kersual, B. Lemaire, D. Meziere and J.-Y. Quemeneur; 21. Observations on portable Ada systems D. Emery and K. Nyberg; 22. Synthesizing software development using Ada A. Gargaro and C. Romvary; 23. Ada mechanisms to obtain concurrency in GKS F. Perez, J. Carretero, L. Gomez, A. Perez and J. Zamorano; List of authors; List of referees.


J. P. Forester, C. Fornarino, P. Franchi-Zannettacci, C. M. Donaldson, J. Van Katwijk, H. Toetenel, A. Di Maio, C. Cardigno, R. Bayan, C. Destombes, C. Atkinson, P. M. Molko, K. S. Ellison, N. W. Davis, M. Irving, J. E. Lee, A. Burns, C. W. McKay, G. Auxiette, J. F. Cabadi, P. Rehbinder, A. Crespo, J. A. de la Puente, A. Espinosa, A. Garcia-Fornes, J. L. Freniche, T. Elrad, L. Sha, J. B. Goodenough, J. Robinson, M. R. Palmer, D. W. Bustard, M. R. Norris, R. A. Orr, P. De la Cruz, B. Krieg-Bruckner, A. Perez-Riesco, S. H. Saib, R. J. Gilinsky, S. Flynn Hummel, R. B. Dewar, E. Schonberg, Y. Kol, J. R. Lawton Cordada, D. Chouvet, D. Kersual, B. Lemaire, D. Meziere, J.-Y. Quemeneur, D. Emery, K. Nyberg, A. Gargaro, C. Romvary, F. Perez, J. Carretero, L. Gomez, A. Perez, J. Zamorano

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