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Negotiating Climate Change


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521479141 | ISBN-10: 0521479142)

DOI: 10.2277/0521479142

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available | Adobe eBook
  • Published September 1994

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Two years of intense and often dramatic negotiations culminated in the signing of a Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This compelling book reconstructs the dynamics of those negotiations, based on eye-witness accounts. The main contributors, each a principal player in the drama, have been selected to reflect the perspectives of the most important interest groups and institutions involved in the negotiations, including the OECD, oil-importing developing nations, private industry and non-governmental organisations. These individual accounts are integrated into an edited volume that provides a multi-dimensional assessment of the negotiating process, focusing on the competitive and co-operative interactions among nations, regional alliances, international institutions, corporations and non-governmental organisations.

• Reconstructs the dramatic negotiations at the Framework Convention on Climate Change, from the Rio Janeiro Earth Summit • Takes ten eye-witness accounts, each a principal player in the drama • Individual accounts integrated to provide a multi-dimensional assessment of the negotiating process


Foreword Michael J. Chadwick; Part I. Background: 1. Visions of a changing world Irving M. Mintzer and J. A. Leonard; 2. Prologue to the Climate Change Convention Daniel Bodansky; Part II. Views from Within the Ring: 3. Exercising common but differentiated responsibility Delphine Borione and Jean Ripert; 4. The beginnings of an international climate law Ahmed Djoghlaf; 5. Constructive damage to the status quo Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Richard J. Kinley; 6. The climate change negotiations Chandrashekar Dasgupta; 7. A personal assessment Bo Kjellen; 8. The road to Rio José Goldemberg; 9. A failure of presidential leadership William A. Nitze; 10. Looking back to see forward Tariq Osman Hyder; Part III. The Outside Edges In: 11. Some comments on the INC process Hugh Faulkner; 12. A view from the ground up Atiq Rahman and Annie Roncerel; Part IV. Prospects for the Future: 13. Towards a winning climate coalition James K. Sebenius; 14. Visions of the past, lessons for the future Irving M. Mintzer and J. A. Leonard; Annex: The Framework Convention on Climate Change; Index.


'… of high quality and great interest … highly recommended.' International Relations


Michael Chadwick, Daniel Bodansky, Delphine Borione, Jean Ripert, Ahmed Djoghlaf, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Richard J. Kinley, Chandrashekar Dasgupta, Bo Kjellen, José Goldemberg, William A. Nitze, Tariq Osman Hyder, Hugh Faulkner, Atiq Rahman, Annie Roncerel, James K. Sebenius, Irving Mintzer, J. A. Leonard

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