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Principles of International Environmental Law
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  • Page extent: 1246 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 2.14 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521521062 | ISBN-10: 0521521068)

DOI: 10.2277/0521521068

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available | Adobe eBook
  • Published October 2003

Replaced by 9780521140935

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  • Courses: • LLM International Law, MA International Relations, Environmental Studies • Law, Environmental Studies departments

This second edition of Philippe Sand's leading textbook on international environmental law provides a clear and authoritative introduction to the subject, revised to December 2002. It considers relevant new topics, including the Kyoto Protocol, genetically modified organisms, oil pollution, chemicals etc. and will remain the most comprehensive account of the principles and rules relating to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. In addition to the key material from the 1992 Rio Declaration and subsequent developments, Sands also covers topics including the legal and institutional framework, the field's historic development and standards for general application. This will continue to be an invaluable resource for both students and practitioners alike.

• Significantly revised new edition incorporating all relevant new case-law since first edition published in 1995 • The leading text which draws on the author's direct practical experience • Cited by national and international courts, and used by academics, students and practitioners around the world


Table of treaties and other international acts; Table of cases; Abbreviations; Part I. The Legal and Institutional Framework: Introduction; 1. The environment and international society: issues, concepts and definitions; 2. History; 3. Governance: states, international organisations and non-state actors; 4. International law-making and regulation; 5. Compliance: implementation, enforcement, dispute settlement; Part II. Principles and Rules Establishing Standards: 6. General principles and rules; 7. Atmosphere; 8. Oceans and seas; 9. Freshwater resources; 10. Conservation of biological diversity; 11. Hazardous substances and activities; 12. Waste; 13. The polar regions: Antarctica and the Arctic; 14. European Community environmental law; Part III. Techniques for Implementing International Principles and Rules: 15. Environmental impact assessment; 16. Environmental information; 17. Liability and compensation for environmental damage; 18 International trade and competition; 19. Financial resources, technology and intellectual property; Index.


'Philippe Sands has gone beyond his stated aim. The book provides not only a comprehensive overview of present-day international environmental law as well as that of the European Union. The book also systematises and conceptualises this relatively young branch of public international law …'. Prof. Jost Delbruck, German Yearbook of International Law

'A pioneering work which will serve as a milestone in the development of international environmental law. It will be useful to the legal academic, practitioner or even natural scientist or environmentalist requiring a first reference to a particular aspect of this vast field … It is predicted that this book will be the leader in the international environmental law field well into the new millennium.' Prof. Jan Glazewski, South African Law Journal

'Idealists will appreciate the strong sense of commitment to the underlying purposes of international environmental protection measures which permeates the treatment of the issues. Realists will welcome the clear appreciation of the difficulties in achievement of those purposes. Lawyers will come to rely on the wealth of material made readily available from the author's depth of learning.' Robert McCracken, Journal of Planning and Environment Law

'This book is more than just a comprehensive reference work. It is a wide-ranging, comprehensive publication that challenges the individual to demand international cooperation and requires the legal practitioner to look beyond his own national boundaries.' Michael Elston, TOXCAT

'… this edition contains so much new, updated material that it is fair to say it is almost a new publication … an admirably lucid manner … the book is highly recommended for everybody who has an interest in international environmental law. It is an accessible publication, very well structured, informative and well written; and every chapter also contains a very useful bibliography.' Environmental Liability

'… Professor Sands not only relies on a full command of the subject of international environmental law, but also confirms his capability to convey to the reader both information and ideas.' Journal of Environmental Law

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