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Corporate Entrepreneurship
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521531979)

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available | Adobe eBook
  • Published February 2007

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How do large corporations encourage their senior managers to become more entrepreneurial? This is a key question which is seldom addressed in mainstream entrepreneurship studies. Professor Sathe has written this study based on hundreds of hours of interviews with senior managers to help understand why some organizations and some top managers are better than others in fostering entrepreneurship leading to successful new business growth. Corporate Entrepreneurship explores the real world of top managers in a systematic and comprehensive way, examining business realities, the management culture, the corporate philosophy, the organizational politics, the personalities and the personal agendas of the people at the top. The book offers both a theory of corporate entrepreneurship and practical advice on how to manage it better. An interesting and valuable contribution to the literature on strategic management, this is a book that will appeal to graduate students, researchers and reflective practitioners.

• Foreword by Peter F. Drucker - the best-known management guru in the world • Systematically and comprehensively examines the influence of top managers on new business creation • Offers a wealth of stories of new business creation told by top managers themselves


List of figures; List of tables; Foreword; Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 2. Why a consistent emphasis and approach for new business creation is beneficial but difficult to achieve; Part I. The Business Environment: 3. The external business environment; 4. The internal business environment; Part II. The Management Culture: 5. Shared beliefs about rewards, risks, opportunities and rule-bending; 6. Shared beliefs about control and learning; Part III. The Corporate Executives: 7. The bigger-is-better corporate philosophy; 8. The small-is-beautiful corporate philosophy; 9. New business creation challenges for corporate executives; 10. Guidance and coaching by the DGM's boss and support and challenge by the controllers; Part IV. The Division General Manager: 11. The DGM's personal assets; 12. The DGM's motivation and strategy for new business creation; 13. Building corporate support for new business creation; 14. Leading the division for new business creation; Part V. The Division and Its Top Management Team: 15. The identification and pursuit of new business opportunities; 16. Other new business creation challenges for the division; 17. The division's organization, competence and collaboration for new business creation; 18. The effectiveness of the division's top management team; Part IV. Putting it All Together: 19. How the five major influences interact to drive new business creation; 20. Managing ten critical issues in new business creation; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'… a book that no practicing executive or student of management can afford to miss: the first serious study to show that 'corporate entrepreneurship' need not be an oxymoron.' Christopher A. Bartlett, Harvard Business School and co-author of The Individualized Corporation

'A remarkably insightful and revealing look at what makes corporate entrepreneurship tick and what stifles it. The book is based on outstanding research in leading companies.' Yves L. Doz, The Timken Chaired Professor of Global Technology and Innovation, INSEAD France

'This book, written with academic rigor and based on a detailed analysis of a set of valuable case studies, provides recommendations that will benefit top management and the champions of corporate entrepreneurship, academics and students alike. With its scope and focus the book breaks new ground in the management literature, and hence the author is the best example of entrepreneurship that he advocates so convincingly.' Jan Oosterveld, Philips Electronics

'… a must-read as a blueprint for launching new businesses inside an established enterprise. It is also an enjoyable-read.' Shane Robinson, Hewlett-Packard Company

'Corporate Entrepreneurship is essential reading for practitioners, researchers, and MBA students interested in new business creation. We have a rare opportunity to learn from 'what went right' as well as 'what went wrong' in the real world. We also learn from the real-life stories and direct quotations of top managers at large corporations as well as the writings of academic giants of leading business schools around the world. Most importantly, we learn from the author's insights into 'how to do' as well as 'how to see' the new business creation process. Without new business creation there is no future - for corporations as well as for our society.' Hirotaka Takeuchi, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy Hitotsubashi University, Japan, and co-author of Can Japan Compete?

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