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Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Minority Rights
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521603171 | ISBN-10: 052160317X)

DOI: 10.2277/052160317X

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This interdisciplinary collection addresses the position of minorities in democratic societies, with a particular focus on minority rights and recognition. For the first time, it brings together leading international authorities on ethnicity, nationalism and minority rights from both social and political theory, with the specific aim of fostering further debate between the disciplines. In their introduction, the editors explore the ways in which politics and sociology can complement each other in unravelling the many contradictory aspects of complex phenomena. Topics addressed include the constructed nature of ethnicity, its relation to class and to 'new racism', different forms of nationalism, self determination and indigenous politics, the politics of recognition versus the politics of redistribution, and the re-emergence of cosmopolitanism. This book is essential reading for all those involved in the study of ethnicity, nationalism and minority rights.

• Unique interdisciplinary approach, establishing dialogue between political and social theory in particular • Contributors include many of the leading figures in the field • Addresses issues of key importance to all societies in the 21st century


1. Ethnicity, nationalism and minority rights charting the disciplinary debates Stephen May, Tariq Modood, and Judith Squires; Part I. Ethnicity and Ethnic Groups: 2. Ethnicities and multiculturalisms: politics of boundaries Jan Nederveen Pieterse; 3. Ethnicity without groups Rogers Brubaker; 4. Ethnicity, class and the 1999 Mauritian riots Thomas Hylland Eriksen; 5. Black nationalism and African American ethnicity: the case of Afrocentrism as civil religion Patricia Hill Collins ; Part II. The State and Minority Claims: 6. New nationalisms and collective rights: the case of South Asia T. K. Oommen; 7. Justice and security in the accommodation of minority nationalism Will Kymlicka; 8. Two concepts of self determination Iris Marion Young; Part III. New Directions: 9. Recognition or redistribution: a misguided debate Bhikhu Parekh; 10. Borders, boundaries and the politics of belonging Nira Yuval-Davis; 11. Cosmopolitanism is not enough: reflections after 9/11 Craig Calhoun.


Stephen May, Tariq Modood, Judith Squires, Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Rogers Brubaker, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Patricia Hill Collins,T. K. Oommen, Will Kymlicka, Iris Marion Young, Bhikhu Parekh, Nira Yuval-Davis, Craig Calhoun

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