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The New Solar System
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  • 504 b/w illus. 124 colour illus. 32 tables
  • Page extent: 430 pages
  • Size: 276 x 215 mm
  • Weight: 1.38 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521645874 | ISBN-10: 0521645875)

DOI: 10.2277/0521645875

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available
  • Published March 1999

Unavailable - out of print May 2009

 (Stock level updated: 17:01 GMT, 25 November 2015)



The New Solar System, now in its fourth edition, is firmly established as the leading text on planetary science and solar system studies. A distinguished team of researchers, many of the Principal Investigators on NASA missions, has carried out a complete revision of the text, illustrations and tables. The book has been completely redesigned to display hundreds of new images to best advantage and to make the reference data and tables easier to use. New to this edition are descriptions of collisions in the solar system, full scientific results from Galileo's mission to Jupiter and its moons, and the Mars Pathfinder mission. Sections on comets, the search for other worlds, and the search for life take into account the latest discoveries.

• Previous editions have sold very well (over 60,000 copies in total worldwide) • Completely revised to bring in the latest results from recent missions, including Galileo, Mars Pathfinder, and Hubble Space Telescope • Internationally-renowned team of distinguished contributors • Extensively illustrated and supported with detailed tables of data


Introduction; 1. Exploring the solar system; 2. Origin of the solar system; 3. The Sun; 4. Planetary magnetospheres and the interplanetary medium; 5. Cosmetary reservoirs; 6. The role of collisions; 7. Mercury; 8. Venus; 9. Planet Earth; 10. The Moon; 11. Mars; 12. Surfaces and interiors of the Terrestrial planets; 13. Atmospheres of the terrestrial planets; 14. Interiors of the giant planets; 15. Atmospheres of the giant planets; 16. Planetary rings; 17. Io Torrence; 18. Europa; 19. Ganymede and Callisto; 20. Titan; 21. Triton, Pluto and Charon; 22. Midsize icy satellites; 23. Small worlds: patterns and relationships; 24. Comets; 25. Asteroids; 26. Meteorites; 27. Life in the solar system; 28. Other planetary systems; Tables; Glossary; Biographical sketches of contributors, Index.


'This new edition of what bids to be a planetary bible … it is an essential item for those interested in the current state of Solar System science … this 4th Edition is splendidly illustrated and is a must for any space scientist or astronomer who has an interest in the study of the Solar Syatem and the many different types of objects that it contains … highly recommended.' Spaceflight

'Fascinating … a splendid and authoritative volume.' Arthur C. Clarke, Author and Lecturer

'Rich with data, information, interpretation, illustration, and inspiration … with special emphasis on the new discoveries from recent missions.' Louis A. Friedman, Executive Director of The Planetary Society

'An incredibly rich experience … filled with terrific accounts and illustrations of new discoveries.' Wesley T. Huntress, Former Associate Administrator for Space Science, NASA

'A fresh and invigorating look at our solar system.' David H. Levy, Author and Comet Hunter

'Oustanding in every respect - includes data which will not be found elsewhere in so convenient a form. A must for anyone who is even slightly interested in the members of the Sun's family.' Patrick Moore, Host BBC-TV's The Sky at Night

'This is an informative, well illustrated book and not extravagantly priced.' Alan Hamilton, Open University Geological Society Journal

'It is a fine reference book, and the fourth edition has been further improved by the addition of much reference data at the end. The New Solar System is richly illustrated … Recommended.' Richard McKim, Journal of the British Astronomical Association


David Morrison, John Wood, Kenneth Lang, James Van Allen, Fran Bagenal, Paul W. Weissman, Eugene, Carolyn Shoemaker, Faith Vilas, R. Stephen Saunders, Don L. Anderson, Paul D. Spudis, Michael H. Carr, James W. Head III, Bruce A. Jakosky, William B. Hubbard, Andrew P. Ingersoll, Joseph A. Burns, Torrence V. Johnson, Ronald Greeley, Robert T. Pappalardo, Tobias Owen, Dale P. Cruikshank, William B McKinnon, John C. Brandt, Clark R. Chapman, William K. Hartmann, John A. Wood, Gerald A. Soffen, Anniela I. Sargent

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