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Extending Mechanics to Minds
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  • Page extent: 476 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.754 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 006.3
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: TA350 .D69 2006
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Mechanics, Applied--Mathematics
    • Artificial intelligence

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521861977 | ISBN-10: 0521861977)

DOI: 10.2277/0521861977

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This book deploys the mathematical axioms of modern rational mechanics to understand minds as mechanical systems that exhibit actual, not metaphorical, forces, inertia, and motion. Using precise mental models developed in artificial intelligence the author analyzes motivation, attention, reasoning, learning, and communication in mechanical terms. These analyses provide psychology and economics with new characterizations of bounded rationality; provide mechanics with new types of materials exhibiting the constitutive kinematic and dynamic properties characteristic of different kinds of minds; and provide philosophy with a rigorous theory of hybrid systems combining discrete and continuous mechanical quantities. The resulting mechanical reintegration of the physical sciences that characterize human bodies and the mental sciences that characterize human minds opens traditional philosophical and modern computational questions to new paths of technical analysis.

• Integrates mechanics of mind and body • Opens philosophical questions to new mathematical studies • Author was made a fellow of the AAAI for his work in this area


Part I. Reconciling Natural and Mental Philosophy: Part II. Reconstructing Rational Mechanics: Part III. Mechanical Minds: Part IV. The Metaphysics of Mechanics: Part V. Conclusion of the Matter.

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