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The First Ten Years of the WTO
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  • Page extent: 254 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521862158 | ISBN-10: 0521862159)

DOI: 10.2277/0521862159

  • Published December 2005

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This 2005 book was commissioned by the World Trade Organization (WTO) as a factual account of the first decade of its existence. It aims to cover the principal activities of the WTO as the successor to GATT and the steps taken to establish a global trading system. Peter Gallagher, the author, is an independent trade analyst and consultant, who records what might be regarded as the WTO's main achievements as well as describing the controversies that have arisen in its first ten years. A useful reference book for policy makers, journalists, members of trade delegations and for everyone who requires a detailed understanding of the workings of the WTO.

• Presents a clear factual account of the first ten years of the WTO • Covers the principal activities of the WTO over the period since its establishment as successor of GATT, identifying its main achievements without trying to avoid the controversies • Of interest to policy-makers, journalists and members of trade delegations whose work requires a detailed understanding of the workings of the WTO


Preface; 1. Can it be true?; 2. The GATT becomes the WTO, 1995; 3. The first years: from Marrakesh to Singapore, 1995-1996; 4. The road to Singapore, 1995–6; 5. Singapore to Geneva, 1996–8; 6. The 50th anniversary of the Multilateral Trading System (GATT-WTO), 1998; 7. Geneva Ministerial Conference, 1998; 8. Geneva to Seattle, 1998–9; 9. The Seattle Ministerial Conference, 1999; 10. The Road to Doha, 1999–2001; 11. The Doha Ministerial Conference, 2001; 12. Pursuing the Doha Mandate, 2001–3; 13. The aftermath of Cancún, 2003–5; 14. Looking back, looking forward; Annexes: A1. List of WTO Members and Observers (1 June 2005); A2. Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (1995); A3. Singapore Ministerial Declaration (1996); A4. Ministerial Declaration on Trade in Information Technology Products (1996); A5. Geneva Ministerial Declaration (1998); A6. Ministerial Declaration on Global Electronic Commerce (1998); A7. Doha Ministerial Declaration (2001); A8. Ministerial Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health (2001).

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