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Capital Utilization


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521070287)

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available
  • Published July 2008

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This book presents the theory of capital utilization, a discussion of the econometrics of capital utilization, and econometric tests of the theory using international data. Capital utilization, defined as the proportion of time that capital is working productively, is mainly affected by shift-working. Capital utilization is an important economic variable that has received serious attention from economists only since the mid-1960s In the first part, the authors provide a synthesis of current knowledge, combining a consistent statement of existing theory with some major extensions. In the second part, they turn to the econometrics, first discussing the appropriate methodology and then testing the theory on data from several countries. This empirical work is considerably more sophisticated than previous studies on this topic. Having established the theory and tested it, they move on to consider policy, the relationship between capital utilization and economic growth, and the place of shift-work in the dual economy.


Introduction; Part I. Shift-work and the theory of the firm: 1. Cost minimization; 2. Specific functional forms: additional results; 3. Profit maximization; Part II. Estimation: 4. The estimation framework; 5. Econometric literature on capital utilization: an Interpretation; 6. Empirical implementation; Part III. Results: 7. Individual-country results; 8. International comparisons; Part IV. Implications: 9. Analysis of policy changes; 10. Capital utilization and economic growth; 11. Shift-work and the dual economy; 12. Conclusions and speculations.

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