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Structure, System and Economic Policy


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521109062)

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  • Published June 2009

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This is a volume of papers organized by Professor Leontief for the 1976 meeting of the Economics section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. After a paper by Professor Leontief applying input-output to the future of the world economy, other papers consider prices, regional problems, material supplies, urban problems, technical progress, unemployment and energy policy. There are two papers with a broader view of the British economy, one surveying government policy on the industrial structure of the economy and one considering the use of input-output for monitoring the development of the economy.


Preface; 1. Projecting the future of the world economy Wassily Leontief; 2. Input-output, technological change and inflation: the end of the Keynesian era W. F. Gossling; 3. A study of sectoral prices and their movements in the British economy in an input-output framework P. N. Mathur; 4. Linkages, key sectors and development strategy J. McGilvray; 5. Government policy and the structure of the economy V. H. Woodward; 6. Use of an input-output framework for monitoring current developments in the economy O. Nankivell; 7. Controlling urban change: models of the urban economy W. I. Morrison and T. A. Broadbent; 8. Regional interdependence in the United Kingdom economy I. R. Gordon; 9. The Scottish balance of payments - 1973 V. G. Bulmer-Thomas; 10. Materials, resources and production: an engineer's view H. J. Pick; 11. Unemployment in Britain: an interpretation of the last twenty-five years J. Taylor; 12. Industry and technical progress C. F. Carter; 13. Energy policy formulation P. Lesley Cook; 14. Adam Smith and market capitalism D. A. Reisman.


Wassily Leontief, W. F. Gossling, P. N. Mathur, J. McGilvray, V. H. Woodward, O. Nankivell, W. I. Morrison, T. A. Broadbent, I. R. Gordon, V. G. Bulmer-Thomas, H. J. Pick, J. Taylor, C. F. Carter, P. Lesley Cook, D. A. Reisman

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