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The Ecology of Freshwater Molluscs


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521359917)

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This book provides a comprehensive review of the ecology of freshwater bivalves and gastropods worldwide. It deals with the ecology of these species in its broadest sense, including diet, habitat and reproductive biology, emphasising in particular the tremendous diversity of these freshwater invertebrates. Following on from these introductory themes, the author develops a life history model that unifies them, and serves as a basis for reviews of their population and community ecology, including treatments of competition, predation, parasitism and biogeography. Extensively referenced and providing a synthesis of work from the nineteenth century onwards, this book includes original analyses that seek to unify previous work into a coherent whole. It will appeal primarily to professional ecologists and evolutionary biologists, as well as to parasitologists.

• A single-authored book of worldwide scope on mollusc ecology • Comprehensive, including freshwater molluscs of all regions • Synthesis of research from the nineteenth century onwards


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Bivalve autecology; 3. Gastropod autecology; 4. Life history; 5. Population dynamics and competition; 6. Parasitism; 7. Predation; 8. Biogeography; 9. Communities.


Review of the hardback: '… anyone wanting an intensive introduction to the biology of freshwater molluscs should find this text indispensable … an excellent initial synthesis and a must-have compendium for malacologist and freshwater ecologist alike.' Joseph C. Britton, Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Review of the hardback: '… a valuable resource for students seeking fresh research questions, readers looking for information about freshwater molluscs, and ecologists who want to see what freshwater molluscs have to offer.' David L. Strayer, Nature

Review of the hardback: '… a real contribution to our knowledge of an ecologically important group of animals … Dillon covers bivalve and gastropod antecology, life history strategies, population dynamics, parasitism, predation, biogeography and community ecology. What else could you want to know about freshwater molluscs?' Mark Young, Biologist

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