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The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Constantine


  • Page extent: 488 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521521574 | ISBN-10: 0521521572)

DOI: 10.2277/0521521572

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available | Adobe eBook
  • Published January 2006

Replaced by 9781107601109

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The Cambridge Companion to the Age of Constantine offers students a comprehensive one-volume survey of this pivotal emperor and his times. Richly illustrated and designed as a readable survey accessible to all audiences, it also achieves a level of scholarly sophistication and a freshness of interpretation that will be welcomed by the experts. The volume is divided into five sections that examine political history, religion, social and economic history, art, and foreign relations during the reign of Constantine, who steered the Roman Empire on a course parallel with his own personal development. Each chapter examines the intimate interplay between emperor and empire, and between a powerful personality and his world. Collectively, they show how both were mutually affected in ways that shaped the world of Late Antiquity and even affect our own world today.

• The only comprehensive treatment of all aspects of Constantine and his times • Furnished with over fifty illustrations • Readable survey accessible to all audiences, and also achieves a level of scholarly sophistication and interpretation welcomed by experts


List of illustrations; Contributors; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Introduction Noel Lenski; 1. Sources for the history of Constantine Bruno Bleckmann; Part I. Politics and Personalities: 2. Before Constantine Simon Corcoran; 3. The reign of Constantine Noel Lenski; 4. The dynasty of Constantine down to 363 Robert M. Frakes; Part II. Religion and Spiritual Life: 5. The impact of Constantine on Christianity H. A. Drake; 6. The beginnings of Christianization Mark Edwards; 7. Traditional religion A. D. Lee; Part III. Law and Society: 8. Bureaucracy and government Christopher Kelly; 9. Civil law and social life Caroline Humfress; 10. Economy and society Georges Depeyrot; Part IV. Art and Culture: 11. Perspectives in art Jaś Elsner; 12. Architecture of Empire Mark J. Johnson; 13. Constantine in legendary literature Samuel N. C. Lieu; Part V. Empire and Beyond: 14. Warfare and the military Hugh Elton; 15. Constantine and the Northern barbarians Michael Kulikowski; 16. Constantine and the peoples of the Eastern Frontier Elizabeth Key Fowden; Appendices; Maps; Primary sources and translations; Secondary bibliography; Index.


Noel Lenski, Bruno Bleckmann, Simon Corcoran, Robert M. Frakes, H. A. Drake, Mark Edwards, A. D. Lee, Christopher Kelly, Caroline Humfress, Georges Depeyrot, Jaś Elsner, Mark J. Johnson, Samuel N. C. Lieu, Hugh Elton, Michael Kulikowski, Elizabeth Key Fowden

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