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Metaphor in Discourse


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521686969)

  • Also available in Hardback
  • Published September 2008

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'Metaphor' is the phenomenon whereby we talk and, potentially, think about something in terms of something else. In this book Elena Semino discusses metaphor as a common linguistic occurrence, which is varied in its textual appearance, versatile in the functions it may perform, and central to many different types of communication, from informal interaction to political speeches. She discusses the use of metaphor across a variety of texts and genres from literature, politics, science, education, advertising and the discourse of mental illness. Each chapter includes detailed case studies focusing on specific texts, from election leaflets to specialist scientific articles. Also included is a detailed consideration of corpus (computer-based) methods of analysis. Wide-ranging and informative, this book will be invaluable to those interested in metaphor from a range of disciplines.

• Discusses metaphor at work in a variety of texts and genres • Focuses on specific texts and issues, allowing readers to apply a similar approach in their own analyses • Contains a glossary of the main terms, to assist readers with little previous experience in metaphor research


1. Introduction: studying metaphor in discourse; 2. Metaphor in literature; 3. Metaphor in politics; 4. Metaphor in science and education; 5. Metaphor in other genres and discourses: two further case studies; 6. Corpora and metaphor; 7. Conclusions.


'… one of the most comprehensive introductory monographs which touch upon many topics in both metaphor and discourse studies. … The book is an excellent contribution to metaphor studies. … brings a new perspective to discourse analysis …' Discourse Studies

'… well structured and well organised … The book represents an insightful exploration of metaphor in different discourses and many genres. Thus, the book has both theoretical and practical significance. … Metaphor in Discourse is highly recommended for students, researchers, and scholars interested in the study of metaphor as well as (critical) discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, stylistics, and corpus linguistics. … What adds to the usefulness of the book is having a simple, clear, comprehensive glossary at the end … the book makes a significant contribution to the interface of metaphor studies …' Metaphor and Symbol

'Metaphor in Discourse successfully illustrates a diverse range of functions for metaphor … accessible and lively throughout and there is sustained quality of illustration and of argumentation … another valuable contribution in the burgeoning field of metaphor studies.' Journal of Sociolinguistics

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