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Byzantine Style, Religion and Civilization
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  • Page extent: 494 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521834452 | ISBN-10: 0521834457)

DOI: 10.2277/0521834457

  • Also available in Paperback
  • Published October 2006

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Sir Steven Runciman's History of the Crusades (1951–4) remains widely read and influential but represents only a part of his wide-ranging, erudite and immensely readable literary activity. His early work focused on Byzantium in the tenth century (The Emperor Romanus Lecapenus) and the history of the first Bulgarian empire. Later he wrote with authority on ecclesiastical relations between the eastern and western Churches (The Eastern Schism), more generally on Byzantine culture (Byzantine Style and Civilization), with forays into medieval diplomacy (The Sicilian Vespers) and British colonial society (The White Rajahs). With a diplomatic past which informed his studies, he was the doyen of Byzantine studies in Britain. This volume of essays, first published in 2006, explores topics relevant to Sir Steven's interests, long planned in his honour by British Byzantinists of all generations, and includes a memoir of his life and a full bibliography of his work.

• Covers a wide range of topics in Byzantine studies, reflecting the breadth of interests of Sir Steven Runciman • Contains a strong list of contributors including many leading Byzantinists in Britain • Will appeal to scholars and students of Byzantium


James Cochran Stevenson Runciman Anthony Bryer; Part I. Style: 1. The Christian Topography (Vat. gr. 699) revisited: image, text, and conflict on ninth-century Byzantium Leslie Brubaker; 2. Byzantine enamels in the twentieth century David Buckton; 3. The rise and fall of towns, loci of maritime traffic, and silk production: the problem of Thisvi-Kastorion Archibald Dunn; 4. Women in Serbian politics, diplomacy and art at the beginning of Ottoman rule Zaga Gavrilovic; 5. Byzantium-Venice-Manchester: an early thirteenth-century carved marble basin and British Byzantinism at the turn of the twentieth century Lucy-Anne Hunt; 6. Manners maketh Romans? Young barbarians at the emperor's court Jonathan Shepard; 7. Byzantine and crusader art: Sir Steven was right D. C. Winfield; Part II. Religion: 8. The discovery of the relics of St Grigor and the development of Armenian tradition in ninth-century Byzantium Timothy Greenwood; 9. The image of Edessa: some notes on its later fortunes Paul Hetherington; 10. Photios as theologian Andrew Louth; 11. Magic at the cross-roads in the sixth century J. Nimmo-Smith; 12. 'The Angelic Life': monasteries for eunuchs Shaun Tougher; 13. Armed pilgrimage and the reign of the anti-Christ: Steven Runciman and the origins of the First Crusade F. R. Trombley; Part III. Civilization: 14. Wine for immortality and immortality for wine: reflections on the Dionysiaca of Nonnos of Panopolis David Frendo; 15. 'Greek Fire' revisited: recent and current research John Haldon; 16. Constantinople in the reign of Basil II Catherine Holmes; 17. A short piece of narrative history: war and diplomacy in the Balkans, winter 921/2-spring 924 J. D. Howard-Johnston; 18. Restoration of Orthodoxy, the pardon of Theophilos and the Acta Davidis, Symeonis et Georgii Patricia Karlin-Hayter; 19. Freestanding towers in the countryside of Rhodes P. W. Lock; 20. The Campanopetra re-considered: the pilgrimage church of the Apostle Barnabas? A. Megaw; 21. The travels of Paul Lucas Lynn Rodley; 22. Aristocrats and aliens in early Byzantine Constantinople Peter Sarris.


Anthony Bryer, Leslie Brubaker, David Buckton, Archibald Dunn, Zaga Gavrilovic, Lucy-Anne Hunt, Jonathan Shepard, D. C. Winfield, Timothy Greenwood, Paul Hetherington, Andrew Louth, J. Nimmo-Smith, Shaun Tougher, F. R. Trombley, David Frendo, John Haldon, Catherine Holmes, J. D. Howard-Johnston, Patricia Karlin-Hayter, P. W. Lock, A. Megaw, Lynn Rodley, Peter Sarris

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