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The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour


  • 19 b/w illus. 13 colour illus. 18 tables
  • Page extent: 586 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521856652)

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  Notes on the contributors
Part I   Introduction, theory and method page
1.   Introduction 3
  Alan Lewis
2   Theory and method in economics and psychology 9
  Denis Hilton
Part II   Finance
3   The economic psychology of the stock market 39
  Karl-Erik Wärneryd
4   Stock prices: insights from behavioral finance 64
  Werner F. M. De Bondt
5   Inter-temporal choice and self-control: saving and borrowing 105
  Paul Webley and Ellen K. Nyhus
6   Financial decisions in the household 132
  Carole Burgoyne and Erich Kirchler
7   Corporate social responsibility: the case of long-term and responsible investment 155
  Danyelle Guyatt
Part III   Consumer behaviour in the private sector
8   Consumption and identity 181
  Russell Belk
9   Wealth, consumption and happiness 199
  Aaron Ahuvia
10   Comparing models of consumer behaviour 227
  Gerrit Antonides
Part IV   Consumer behaviour in the public sector
11   Lay perceptions of government economic activity 255
  Simon Kemp
12   How big should government be? 281
  John G. Cullis and Philip R. Jones
13   Integrating explanations of tax evasion and avoidance 304
  Valerie Braithwaite and Michael Wenzel
Part V   Environment
14   Sustainable consumption and lifestyle change 335
  Tim Jackson
15   Environmentally significant behavior in the home 363
  Paul C. Stern
16   Economic and psychological determinants of car ownership and use 383
  Tommy Gärling and Peter Loukopoulos
17   Environmental morale and motivation 406
  Bruno S. Frey and Alois Stutzer
18   Contingent valuation as a research method: environmental values and human behaviour 429
  Clive L. Spash
Part IV   Biological perspectives
19   Neuroeconomics: what neuroscience can learn from economics 457
  Terry Lohrenz and P. Read Montague
20   Evolutionary economics and psychology 493
  Ulrich Witt
21   Evolutionary psychology and economic psychology 512
  Stephen E. G. Lea
  Index 527

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