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Geomorphology and Global Environmental Change


  • Page extent: 450 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521878128)

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How will global environmental change affect the landscape and our interaction with it? Apart from climate change, there are other important catalysts of landscape change, including relief, hydroclimate and runoff, sea level variations and human activity. This volume summarises the geomorphic implications of global environmental change, analysing such effects on lakes, rivers, coasts, reefs, rainforests, savannas, deserts, glacial features, and mountains. Providing a benchmark statement from the world's leading geomorphologists on the state of, and potential changes to, the environment, this book is invaluable for advanced courses on geomorphology and environmental science, and as a reference for research scientists. Interdisciplinary in scope, with a primary audience of Earth and environmental scientists, geographers, geomorphologists and ecologists, it also has a wider reach to those concerned with the social, economic and political issues raised by global environmental change, and is useful to policy makers and environmental managers.

• Highly interdisciplinary approach, with chapters from the world's leading experts • Presents a balanced consideration of landscape enhancement and landscape deterioration, enabling a holistic understanding of the subject • Encourages engagement with the wider social, economic and political issues of global environmental change


Preface; 1. Landscape, and landscape scale processes as the unfilled niche in the global environmental change debate: an introduction O. Slaymaker, T. Spencer and S. Dadson; 2. Mountains O. Slaymaker and C. Embleton-Hamann; 3. Lakes and lake catchments K. Kashiwaya, O. Slaymaker and M. Church; 4. Rivers M. Church, T. P. Burt, V. J. Galay and G. M. Kondolf; 5. Estuaries, coastal marshes, tidal flats and coastal dunes D. J. Reed, R. Davidson-Arnott and G. M. E. Perillo; 6. Beaches, cliffs and deltas M. J. F. Stive, P. J. Cowell and R. J. Nicholls; 7. Coral reefs P. Kench, C. Perry and T. Spencer; 8. Tropical rainforests R. P. D. Walsh and W. H. Blake; 9. Tropical savannas M. E. Meadows and D. S. G. Thomas; 10. Deserts N. Lancaster; 11. Mediterranean M. Sala; 12. Temperate forests and rangelands R. C. Sidle and T. P. Burt; 13. Tundra and permafrost dominated taiga M.-F. André and O. Anisimov; 14. Ice sheets and ice caps D. Sugden; 15. Landscape, landscape scale processes and global environmental change: synthesis and new agendas for the twenty-first century T. Spencer, O. Slaymaker and C. Embleton-Hamann; Index.


Review of the hardback: 'I highly recommend this volume to any geoscientist interested in the present and future of our planet …' Geologos

Review of the hardback: '… a benchmark text for its subject and it highlights a topic that is of critical importance for humankind.' The Holocene

'… I would like to specifically commend the reconstructions of ice sheets in the chapter on ice sheets and ice caps. There are also many good conceptual model diagrams. Overall, this is a really good reference work. It should have a place on the shelves of most practising geomorphologists and graduate students.' James Shulmeister, University of Queensland


O. Slaymaker, T. Spencer, S. Dadson, C. Embleton-Hamann, K. Kashiwaya, M. Church, T. P. Burt, V. J. Galay, G. M. Kondolf, D. J. Reed, R. Davidson-Arnott, G. M. E. Perillo, M. J. F. Stive, P. J. Cowell, R. J. Nicholls, P. Kench, C. Perry, R. P. D. Walsh, W. H. Blake, M. E. Meadows, D. S. G. Thomas, N. Lancaster, M. Sala, R. C. Sidle, M.-F. André, O. Anisimov, D. Sugden

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