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Greenwich Medical Media

The Syndics of Cambridge University Press are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Greenwich Medical Media (GMM) in a transaction brokered by Bertoli Mitchell. In book publishing they have grown to achieve UK market-leading status in the field of anaesthesia, supplemented by significant output in surgery, oncology, psychiatry and imaging.


  spacer Adult Limb Fractures

Ahmed Mujtaba Siddiqui, Neil Rushton

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100781)
  spacer Advanced Surgical Practice

Edited by Aljafri A. Majid, Andrew N. Kingsnorth

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100188)
  spacer Advances in Gynaecological Surgery

Edited by Peter J. O'Donovan, Ellis G. R. Downes, Edited in association with Paul McGurgan

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151499)
  spacer Anaesthesia for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Thomas Allen Crozier

Hardback (ISBN: 1841101915)
  spacer Anaesthetic Aide Memoire
2nd Edition

John Urquhart, John Hall, With Pamela Chrispin, Jeremy Mauger, Deborah Meldrum, John Slade

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101923)
  spacer Artificial Nutrition Support
In Clinical Practice
2nd Edition

Edited by Jason Payne-James, George Grimble, David Silk

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151979)
  spacer Case Studies in Breast Cancer

Adrian Harnett

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100544)
  spacer Case Studies in Urological Cancer

Adrian N. Harnett, Robert N. Meddings, Brian McGlynn, With contributions by Stephen Cooper, Bob Nairn

Hardback (ISBN: 1841101389)
  spacer Client Profiles in Nursing
Adult and the Elderly 2

Edited by S. Parboteeah, P. Tremayne

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101508)
  spacer Conservative Surgery for Menorrhagia

Peter O'Donovan, Paul McGurgan, Walter Prendiville

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100978)
  spacer Diagnostic Pitfalls in Histopathology and Cytopathology Practice

Edited by Peter P. Anthony

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151812)
  spacer Fibreoptic Intubation

Neil Hawkins, Andrew Dyson

Mixed media product (ISBN: 1841100609)
  spacer Fluid Balance and Volume Resuscitation for Beginners

G. R. Park, P. G. Roe

Paperback (ISBN: 1900151545)
  spacer Fundamentals of Perioperative Management

David Green, Max Ervine, Stuart White

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101354)
  spacer Fundamentals of Regional Anaesthesia

H. B. J. Fischer, C. A. Pinnock

Hardback (ISBN: 1841101265)
  spacer Handbook of Community Cancer Care

Mark N. Gaze, Isobel M. Wilson

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100013)
  spacer Handbook of Patient Transportation

Terry Martin

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100714)
  spacer Healthcare Professionals as Witnesses to the Court

Colin J. Holburn, Catherine Bond, Mark Solon, Suzanne Burn

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151227)
  spacer Imaging in SARS

Edited by A. T. Ahuja, C. G. C. Ooi

Hardback (ISBN: 1841102199)
  spacer Imaging of Head and Neck Cancer

Edited by A. T. Ahuja, R. M. Evans, A. D. King, C. A. van Hasselt

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100900)
  spacer Key Facts in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
3rd Edition

Gilbert R. Park, Alcira Serrano

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101753)
  spacer Key Facts in Clinical Nutrition
2nd Edition

Jason Payne-James, Claire Wicks, With contributions by Bob Cramb

Spiral bound (ISBN: 1841101230)
  spacer Key Questions in Surgical Critical Care

Robert U. Ashford, T. Neal Evans, R. Andrew Archbold

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100927)
  spacer Legal and Ethical Aspects of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine

Stuart M. White, Timothy J. Baldwin

Paperback (ISBN: 1841102091)
  spacer Manual of Diagnostic Antibodies for Immunohistology
2nd Edition

Anthony S-Y. Leong, Kumarasen Cooper, F. Joel W-M. Leong

Hardback (ISBN: 1841101001)
  spacer Medicines, Medical Devices and the Law

Edited by John O'Grady, Ian Dobbs-Smith, Nigel Walsh, Michael Spencer

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151073)
  spacer Minimal Access Surgery in Oncology

Edited by James G. Geraghty, Howard L. Young, Jonathan M. Sackier, Edited in association with H. Stephen Stoldt, Riccardo A. Audisio

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151022)
  spacer Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
2nd Edition

Edited by C. Andrew van Hasselt, Alan G. Glibb

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100374)
  spacer Nurse Prescribing
Principles and Practice

Molly Courtenay, Michele Butler

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100072)
  spacer Paediatric Imaging
Clinical Cases

Karen Thomas, Finella Craig, Cathy Owens

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101133)
  spacer Percutaneous Tracheostomy
A Practical Handbook

Henry G. W. Paw, Andrew R. Bodenham

Hardback (ISBN: 1841101427)
  spacer Practical Diabetes

David Levy

Paperback (ISBN: 1900151464)
  spacer Principles of Surgical Practice

Edited by Andrew Kingsnorth, Aljafri Abdul Majid

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100196)
  spacer Progress in Haematology
Volume 2

Edited by Christopher J. Pallister, Christopher D. R. Dunn

Paperback (ISBN: 1900151790)
  spacer Progress in Pathology
Volume 5

Edited by Nigel Kirkham, Nicholas R. Lemoine

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100501)
  spacer Progress in Pathology
Volume 6

Edited by Nigel Kirkham, Neil A. Shepherd

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101486)
  spacer QBase Medicine
Volume 2, MCQs for the MRCP
Part 1

Raymond McCrudden

Mixed media product (ISBN: 1900151596)
  spacer QBase Medicine
Volume 1, MCQs for the MRCP
Part 1

Punit Ramrakha

Mixed media product (ISBN: 1900151332)
  spacer QBase Surgery
Volume 1, MCQs for the MRCS

J. S. A. Green, S. A. Wajed

Mixed media product (ISBN: 1900151375)
  spacer QNotes for the MRCP
Part 1

Edited by Raymond McCrudden, With contributions by John Gordon, Callum Pearce, Lynn Thomas

Mixed media product (ISBN: 1841100994)
  spacer Recent Advances in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Volume 22

Edited by A. P. Adams, J. N. Cashman, R. M. Grounds

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101176)
  spacer Recent Advances in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Volume 23

Edited by J. N. Cashman, R. M. Grounds

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101451)
  spacer Surgery
Facts and Figures

James Green, Saj Wajed

Paperback (ISBN: 1900151340)
  spacer Surgical Critical Care

Robert U. Ashford, T. Neal Evans

Paperback (ISBN: 1841100668)
  spacer Textbook of Obstetric Anaesthesia

Edited by Rachel E. Collis, Felicity Plaat, John Urquhart

Hardback (ISBN: 1900151774)
  spacer Top Tips in Anaesthesia

Edited by T. M. Perris, C. S. Brudney

Paperback (ISBN: 1841101710)
  spacer Uncommon Problems in Intensive Care

J. F. Cade

Hardback (ISBN: 1841100919)
  spacer Viva Tutorials for Surgeons in Training

Edited by Reuben Johnson, Wendy Adams, Jonathan Bull, Jonathan Epstein, Anant Krishnan, Leon Menezes, Bijan Modarai, Paul Patterson, Arun Sahai, Alexis Schizas

Paperback (ISBN: 1841102156)