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Mr Tompkins in Paperback

Comprising 'Mr Tompkins in Wonderland' and 'Mr Tompkins Explores the Atom'

George Gamow, Foreword by Roger Penrose

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Mr Tompkins has become known and loved by many thousands of readers (since his first appearance over fifty years ago) as the bank clerk whose fantastic dreams and adventures lead him into a world inside the atom. George Gamow’s classic provides a delightful explanation of the central concepts in modern physics, from atomic structure to relativity, and quantum theory to fusion and fission. Roger Penrose’s new foreword introduces Mr Tompkins to a new generation of readers, and reviews his adventures in the light of current developments in physics today.


‘Not only entertaining; the ordinary reader can learn from it a great deal about sub-atomic particles, electrons, neutrons and the rest, and the strange rules which govern their behaviour.’ The Observer

‘Will vastly fascinate the whimsical, and is also entirely scientific.’ Scientific American

‘Enthusiastically recommended to both scientific and general readers.’ The Guardian

Chapter Contents

1. City speed limit; 2. The Professor’s lecture on relativity which caused Mr. Tompkins’s dream; 3. Mr. Tompkins takes a holiday; 4. The Professor’s lecture on curved space, gravity and the universe; 5. The pulsating universe; 6. Cosmic opera; 7. Quantum billiards; 8. Quantum jungles; 9. Maxwell’s demon; 10. The gay tribe of electrons; 10. 1/2. A part of the previous lecture which Mr Tompkins slept through; 12. Inside the nucleus; 13. The wood carver; 14. Holes in nothing; 15. Mr Tompkins tastes a Japanese meal.

Price: GBP 10.95

Page updated: 22 April 2002

ISBN: 0521447712
Binding: Paperback
Size: 215 x 135 mm
Pages: 202
Weight: 0.255kg

In stock

Published: 15 April 1993

Sales Rights: For sale with exclusive rights throughout the world.