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What is the most popular fruit in the world?

Which popular Italian confection contains cyanide?

Since Americans have been eating brocolli for decades, why the sudden popularity of brocolli rabe?

What does Chinese cabbage look like?

What do radicchio and chicory have in common?

Why is soy milk so popular in Asia and Asian-American communities?

Is it possible to develop a tolerance for chile pepper?

Which factor has been more important in the increase of human longevity: higher incomes or better nutrition?

Where does 90% of all garlic consumed in America come from?

Is it true that garlic has healing properties?

Why is it not a good idea to consume alcohol after eating mushrooms?

What purpose do pigs serve in the truffle industry?

What does "four wheels on top" mean in Polynesia?

What is the origin of the expression "small beer"?

At the very first Thanksgiving what did the pilgrims really eat?

Why is British cuisine so heavy on meat and carbohydrates?

Who invented the graham cracker?

What was infant formula like in Middle Ages?

If Starbucks existed in the early 1800's how might they have brewed their coffee?

According to legend, who introduced alcohol to Ireland for the first time?

What did our earliest human ancestor eat?

In India until lately dining out has been a rarity. Why?

For centuries, alcoholism in Russia has existed in near-epidemic proportions. Why has alcoholism there become much more rampant in recent years?


Where does barbecue come from?

Breadfruit is one of the most popular item in the Jamaican diet. Was it always this way?

What was the primary use of radishes in ancient Egypt?

In ancient Mexico, what was salsa used for?

What was the world's first fast food?

Where was the candy bar invented?

Was Coca-Cola always marketed as a soft drink?