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Verbal Protocol Analysis in Language Testing Research

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Verbal Protocol Analysis in Language Testing Research

Verbal Protocol Analysis in Language Testing Research
A Handbook


Alison Green



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Date Published

June 1998

Product description

Verbal protocol analysis (VPA) is a methodology that is being used extensively by researchers. Recently, individuals working in the area of testing, and in language testing in particular, have begun to appreciate the roles VPA might play in the development and evaluation of assessment instruments. VPA is a complex methodology however, and individuals choosing to use the technique require some degree of training in order to maximize the benefits in adopting this approach, and in order to avoid some of the more common misunderstandings and pitfalls associated with the use of verbal data. Usiing Verbal Protocols in Language Test Validation aims to provide potential practitioners with the background to the technique and a good understanding of what is entailed in using VPA in the specific context of language testing and assessment. Tutorial exercises are presented which enable the reader to try out each of the different steps involved in VPA.

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