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The Nature of Reasoning
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  • 25 b/w illus. 12 tables
  • Page extent: 488 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521009287 | ISBN-10: 0521009286)

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Reasoning to the mind is like breathing to the lungs. We are constantly doing it, but rarely take notice. If it fails, however, we are paralyzed. Imagine being unable to infer conclusions from a conversation or being unable to reach a solution to an important life problem. This book focuses on how people draw conclusions from information and discusses the roles that the brain, our memory, and our knowledge play in drawing conclusions in everyday life.


1. Defining and describing reason; 2. Reasoning and brain function; 3. Working memory and reasoning; 4. The role of prior belief in reasoning; 5. Task understanding; 6. Strategies and knowledge representation; 7. Mental models and reasoning; 8. Mental-logic theory: what it proposes and reasons to take this proposal seriously; 9. Heuristics and reasoning: making deduction simple; 10. Cognitive heuristics: reasoning the fast and frugal way; 11. The assessment of logical reasoning; 12. The development of deductive reasoning; 13. The evolution of reasoning; 14. Individual differences in thinking, reasoning, and decision making; 15. Teaching reasoning; 16. What do we know about the nature of reasoning?


"This handy, one-volume compendium of current theory and research on the psychology of reasoning not only presents the state of the science of reasoning but also charts new directions. Covering everything from how to define reasoning... to the brain functions that subserve reasoning... the book's contributors...create a comprehensive account of what is known about reasoning in psychology and cognitive science. The editors and contributors are all well-known and highly regarded researchers in the field.... Highly recommended." Choice


Denise D. Cummins, Jonathan St. B. T. Evans, Aidan Feeny, Gerd Gigerenzer, K. J. Gilhoody, Vittorio Girotto, P. N. Johnson-Laird, Anton E. Lawson, Jacqueline P. Leighton, Henry Markovits, Barnaby Marsh, Raymond Nickerson, Maxwell J. Roberts, Salter C. Sá, Keith E. Stanovich, Keith Stenning, Robert J. Sternberg, Peter M. Todd, Richard F. West

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