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Sound Symbolism


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521026772 | ISBN-10: 0521026776)

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Sound symbolism is the study of the relationship between the sound of an utterance and its meaning. In this interdisciplinary collection of new studies, twenty-four leading scholars discuss the role of sound symbolism in a theory of language, drawing on a wide range of linguistic data. The extensive new research presented here reveals that sound symbolism plays a far more significant role in language than scholarship has hitherto recognized.


List of contributors; 1. Introduction: Sound-symbolic processes Leanne Hinton, Johanna Nichols, John Ohala; Part I. Native American Languages North of Mexico: 2. Symbolism in Nez Perce Haruo Aoki; 3. Nootkan vocative vocalism and its implications William H. Jacobsen Jr; 4. Relative motivation in denotational and indexical sound symbolism of Wasco-Wishram Chinookan Michael Silverstein; Part II. Native Languages of Latin America: 5. Symbolism and change in the sound system of Huastec Terrence Kaufman; 6. Evidence for pervasive synesthetic sound symbolism in ethnozoological nomenclature Brent Berlin; 7. Noise words in Guaraní Margaret Langdon; Part III. Asia: 8. i: big a: small Gérard Diffloth; 9. Tone, intonation, and sound symbolism in Lahu: loading the syllable canon James A. Matisoff; 10. An experimental investigation into phonetic symbolism as it relates to Mandarin Chinese Randy J. Lapolla; 11. Palatalization in Japanese sound symbolism Shoko Hamano; Part IV. Australia and Africa: 12. Yir-Yiront ideophones Barry Alpher; 13. African ideophones G. Tucker Childs; Part V. Europe: 14. Regular sound development, phonosymbolic orchestration, disambiguation of homonyms Yakov Malkiel; 15. Modern Greek ts: beyond sound symbolism Brian D. Joseph; 16. On levels of analysis of sound symbolism in poetry, with an application to Russian poetry Tom M. S. Priestly; 17. Finnish and Gilyak sound symbolism - the interplay between system and history Robert Austerlitz; Part VI. English: 18. Phonosyntactics Joan A. Sereno; 19. Aural images Richard Rhodes; 20. Inanimate imitatives in English Robert L. Oswalt; Part VII. The Biological Bases of Sound Symbolism: 21. Some observations on the function of sound in clinical work Peter F. Ostwald; 22. The frequency code underlies the sound-symbolic use of voice pitch John J. Ohala; 23. Sound symbolism and its role in non-human vertebrate communication Eugene S. Morton; Index.


"All of the papers are sources of tantalizing, testable hypotheses....of considerable value and evidence of a welcome renewal of interest in some very old questions." Journal of Linguistic Anthropology


Leanne Hinton, Johanna Nichols, John Ohala, Haruo Aoki, William H. Jacobsen Jr, Michael Silverstein, Terrence Kaufman, Brent Berlin, Margaret Langdon, Gérard Diffloth, James A. Matisoff, Randy J. Lapolla, Shoko Hamano, Barry Alpher, G. Tucker Childs, Yakov Malkiel, Brian D. Joseph, Tom M. S. Priestly, Robert Austerlitz, Joan A. Sereno, Richard Rhodes, Robert L. Oswalt, Peter F. Ostwald, John J. Ohala, Eugene S. Morton

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