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The Passions in Roman Thought and Literature


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521030908)

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New essays by an international team of scholars in Latin literature and ancient philosophy explore the understanding of emotions (or "passions") in Roman thought (especially philosophy and rhetorical theory) and literature. Special features include the wide range of Latin authors discussed (including such famous Latin prose and verse writers as Cicero and Virgil), the fresh and searching studies of key literary texts and the accessibility of the book, in clear and nontechnical language, with Greek and Latin translated.


Preface; Conventions; Introduction: about this volume Susanna Morton Braund and Christopher Gill; Introduction: the emotions in Greco-Roman philosophy Christopher Gill; 1. Epicurean anger D. P. Fowler; 2. Cicero and the expression of grief Andrew Erskine; 3. The subjugaton of grief in Seneca's Epistles Marcus Wilson; 4. A passion unconsoled? Grief and anger in Juvenal Satire 13 Susanna Morton Braund; 5. Passion, reason and knowledge in Seneca's tragedies Alessandro Schiesaro; 6. Imagination and the arousal of the emotions in Greco-Roman rhetoric Ruth Webb; 7. Pity, fear and the historical audience: Tacitus on the fall of Vitellius D. S. Levene; 8. All in the mind: sickness in Catullus 76 Joan Booth; 9. Ferox uirtus: anger in Virgil's Aeneid M. R. Wright; 10. 'Envy and fear the begetter of hate': Statius' Thebaid and the genesis of hatred Elaine Fantham; 11. Passion as madness in Roman poetry Christopher Gill; Bibliography; Index of ancient passages; General index.


"...essays in this volume-such as those on Seneca, Tacitus, Statius, and Roman up some valuable perspectives on the Aeneid . Karl Galinsky, Vergilius


Susanna Morton Braund, Christopher Gill, D. P. Fowler, Andrew Erskine, Marcus Wilson, Alessandro Schiesaro, Ruth Webb, D. S. Levene, Joan Booth, M. R. Wright, Elaine Fantham

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