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  • 89 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 400 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 0.632 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521382328 | ISBN-10: 0521382327)

  • Published July 1989

Unavailable - out of print

$142.00 (C)

The proceedings of the 1989 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming are presented in this volume, comprised of twenty-one refereed and two invited papers. Each of the papers presents original work describing research in many aspects of object-oriented programming languages, systems and applications. Topics covered include reusability, inheritance, operating systems, concurrency, persistence, design, metalevel programming, applications and experience, semantics and user interface. The main purpose of the conference and of the proceedings is to present a selection of the latest research in the object-oriented paradigm, and to provide a focus for the further development of that research. This book will be useful for academic and industrial researchers in the whole field of computer science.


Preface; Part I. Reusability and Inheritance: 1. A compositional model for software reuse R. K. Raj and H. M. Levy; 2. Problems in object-oriented software reuse D. Taenzer, M. Ganti and S. Podar; 3. Disciplined inheritance M. Sakkinen; 4. A proposal for making Eiffel type-safe W. Cook; Part II. Invited Paper: 5. The past, present and future of smalltalk L. P. Deutsch; Part III. Operating Systems: 6. A reflective architecture for an object-oriented distributed operating system Y. Yokote, F. Teraoka and M. Tokoro; Part IV. Concurrency: 7. Actalk: a testbed for classifying and designing actor languages in the smalltalk-80 environment J.-P. Briot; 8. Inheritance in actor based concurrent object-oriented languages D. G. Kafura and K. Hae Lee; 9. Melding multiple granularities of parallelism G. E. Kaiser, S. S. Popovich, W. Hseush and S. F. Wu; Part V. Persistence: 10. The treatment of persistent objects in Arjuna G. N. Dixon, G. D. Parrington, S. K. Shrivastava and S. M. Wheater; 11. Persistence and migration for C++ objects M. Shapiro, P. Gautron and L. Mossieri; Part VI. Invited Paper: 12. Objects - a fresh look K. M. Kahn; Part VII. Design: 13. A design method for object-oriented programming W. W. Y. Pun and R. L. Winder; Part VIII. Metalevel Programming: 14. Metalevel programming in CLOS G. Attardi, C. Bonini, M. R. Boscotrecase, T. Flagella and M. Gaspari; 15. ObjVProlog: metaclasses in logic J. Malenfant, G. Lapalme and J. Vaucher; Part IX. Applications and Experience: 16. Four steps and a rest in putting an object-oriented programming environment to practical use G. Muller and A.-K. Profrock; 17. Integration of a programming environment into ET++ - a case study E. Gamma, A. Weinand and R. Marty; 18. ObjView: a task-oriented, graphics-based tool for object visualization and arrangement G. Freidrich, W. Hollinger, C. Stary, and M. Stumptner; 19. A class hierarchy for building stream-oriented file systems P. W. Madany, R. H. Campbell, V. F. Russo and D. E. Leyens; 20. An object-oriented notation for attribute grammars G. Hedin; Part X. Semantics: 21. First steps towards fully abstract semantics for object-oriented languages P. M. Yelland; Part XI. User Interface: 22. A customizable window-interface to object-oriented databases E. Laenens, F. Staes and D. Vermeir; 23. Architecture models for interactive software J. Coutaz.


R. K. Raj, H. M. Levy, D. Taenzer, M. Ganti, S. Podar, M. Sakkinen, W. Cook, L. P. Deutsch, Y. Yokote, F. Teraoka, M. Tokoro, J.-P. Briot, D. G. Kafura, K. Hae Lee, G. E. Kaiser, S. S. Popovich, W. Hseush, S. F. Wu, G. N. Dixon, G. D. Parrington, S. K. Shrivastava, S. M. Wheater, M. Shapiro, P. Gautron, L. Mossieri, K. M. Kahn, W. W. Y. Pun, R. L. Winder, G. Attardi, C. Bonini, M. R. Boscotrecase, T. Flagella, M. Gaspari, J. Malenfant, G. Lapalme, J. Vaucher, G. Muller, A.-K. Profrock, E. Gamma, A. Weinand, R. Marty, G. Freidrich, W. Hollinger, C. Stary, M. Stumptner, P. W. Madany, R. H. Campbell, V. F. Russo, D. E. Leyens, G. Hedin, P. M. Yelland, E. Laenens, F. Staes, D. Vermeir, J. Coutaz

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