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Categories and Computer Science


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521419970 | ISBN-10: 0521419972)

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Category Theory has, in recent years, become increasingly important and popular in computer science, and many universities now introduce Category Theory as part of the curriculum for undergraduate computer science students. Here, the theory is developed in a straightforward way, and is enriched with many examples from computer science.


Introduction; 1. The algebra of functions; 2. Products and sums; 3. Distributive categories; 4. Data types; 5. Categories of functors; 6. More about products; 7. Computational category theory; References; Index.


"Nice, crisp introduction to category theory, motivated by examples and use in computer science. Mathematical sophistication blends nicely with fundamental concepts and examples to make the connections (and usefulness) understandable to good undergraduates." The American Mathematical Monthly

"Within the setting of distributive categories, nicely explained here, one sees data structure abstractions done properly. The example of queues is the most compelling in that all of the structure of distributive categories is used....strongly recommend[ed]. David B. Benson, Computing Reviews

"...probably the clearest introduction to category theory written to date." The Bulletin of Mathematics Books

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