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A View of the Universe


  • 47 b/w illus. 158 colour illus. 14 tables
  • Page extent: 284 pages
  • Size: 276 x 219 mm
  • Weight: 1.415 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 522/.63
  • Dewey version: 20
  • LC Classification: QB121 .M34 1993
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Astronomical photography
    • Color photography
    • Orient--In literature
    • Romanticism--Russia
    • Russia--Relations--Caucasus

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521444774 | ISBN-10: 0521444772)

  • Published November 1993

Unavailable - out of print May 2007


This lavishly illustrated photographic exploration of the universe will delight everyone intrigued by the night sky. This is the finest collection of color photographs of star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae ever published. Working with the world's most sophisticated telescopes and his own revolutionary techniques, world renowned astronomical photographer David Malin captures distant worlds and phenomena in their astonishing natural colors. These unique pictures are accompanied by nontechnical captions and a lucid text accessible and inspiring to the general reader as well as to astronomers and photographers. The foremost astronomical photographer in the world, David Malin is the discoverer of an enigmatic galaxy now known as Malin-1 and the coauthor of Colours of the Stars and Catalogue of the Universe, both published by Cambridge University Press. His photographs have appeared in locations as diverse as Australian postage stamps and the cover of Life magazine.


Introduction and acknowledgements; 1. From microscope to telescope; 2. The rise of astronomy and photography; 3. Things to see and do in the dark; 4. The Milky Way and the colours of the stars; 5. Astronomical reflections; 6. Where stars are born; 7. Mass loss and the life of stars; 8. Galaxies; Appendices; Index.


" accessible, thought-provoking text accompanies a colorful panorama of the night sky, from star clusters and whole galaxies to a host of astronomical phenomena, captured by the world's most sophisticated telescopes." Forecast

"As an account of the technical problems of photographing stars, nebulae and galaxies, the book fascinates but, as well as brain food, it also provides a gourmet feast of images, as Malin takes the reader on a tour through the Universe. The collection of photographs includes 60 hitherto unpublished images." New Scientist

"A very colorful volume filled with spectacular views of celestial objects....Truly appropriate for anyone with an avid interest in celestial photography." A.R. Upgren, Choice

"...combines the hard science behind photography with the artist's eye to produce many of the most stunning photographs of the the reader an overview of our current knowledge of the universe. Chapters delve into the nature of stars, interstellar dust, nebulae of all sorts, star clusters, galaxies, and clusters of galaxies...a book for all sorts of audiences." Robert Bunge, Astronomy

"...introduces the Milky Way and other spiral galaxies, the idea of magnitude, star nomenclature, and in-depth discussions of nebula, star formation, and supernovas, illustrated with marvelously clear and colorful photographs....highly recommended as a gift or reference." Internet

"Astronomical photographer Malin provides a strong collection of photos supplemented by a written description of each picture....should appeal to both college-level novices and those already versed in the subject." The Bookwatch

"Take a captivating topic, e.g. the stars...Blend a generous portion of color photographs with a measure of extractive technology. Knead in appropriate science terminology; explain as needed. Add human interest vignettes. Season liberally with a personal sense of wonder and awe. Top off with a useful annotated bibliography. Result: an epicurean delight. Try it; you'll like it." D.E. Zabel, The Reading Lamp Book Review

"...a joy to have and an inspiration for all amateur astrophotographers." H. J. P. Arnold, Sky & Telescope

" ...It can probably be said that this book contains the best collection of color astrophotographs ever published in one book, taken by the world's foremost astrophotographer....the text is very informative as well as entertaining and easy to read..a book all of us should treat ourselves to." to." Ben Gendre, Stardust

"The beautiful images in this lucidly written book convey effectively the unique role that photography has played in the scientific exploration of the small luminous fraction of the universe...[T]his book is the culmination of more than a century of astronomical photography, and the photographs may be the last of their kind....[T]he scope and rich detail of its photographs, and the technical skill of the author...will make this book a classic." Gerald Cecil, American Scientist

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