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Purpose in the Living World?


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521493406)

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Jacob Klapwijk considers the stark choice many believers and non-believers face between religious notions concerning the origins of life and the contemporary findings of evolutionary science. He offers an alternative to both and an attempt to bridge the gap between them, via the idea of ‘emergent evolution’.


Preface; Introduction; 1. Does life on Earth have a purpose?; 2. Creationism, intelligent design, and Augustine's idea of time; 3. Darwin, neo-Darwinism and the naturalistic continuity claim; 4. Miller's pre-biotic broth and the premises of evolutionism; 5. A cold shudder along Darwin's back; 6. The emergence theory of Morgan and Alexander; 7. Luctor et emergo: what is emergent evolution?; 8. Towards a general theory of emergent evolution; 9. Hominization and the philosophy of mind; 10. Augustinian faith and evolutionary science; 11. The organism is a whole. The world is a habitat; 12. The slumbering temptation of essentialism; 13. Questions surrounding the emergence process; 14. Enkapsis in nature. Is there an omega point?; Bibliography; Index.

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