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Protoplanetary Dust

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521517720)

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Planet formation studies uniquely benefit from three disciplines: astronomical observations of extrasolar planet-forming disks, analysis of material from the early Solar System, and laboratory astrophysics experiments. Pre-planetary solids, fine dust, and chondritic components are central elements linking these studies. This book is the first comprehensive overview of planet formation, in which astronomers, cosmochemists, and laboratory astrophysicists jointly discuss the latest insights from the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes, new interferometers, space missions including Stardust and Deep Impact, and laboratory techniques. Following the evolution of solids from their genesis through protoplanetary disks to rocky planets, the book discusses in detail how the latest results from these disciplines fit into a coherent picture. This volume provides a clear introduction and valuable reference for students and researchers in astronomy, cosmochemistry, laboratory astrophysics, and planetary sciences.


Preface; 1. Planet formation and protoplanetary dust Daniel Apai and Dante Lauretta; 2. The origins of protoplanetary dust and the formation of accretion disks Hans-Peter Gail and Peter Hope; 3. Evolution of protoplanetary disk structures Fred Ciesla and Cornelius P. Dullemond; 4. Chemical and isotopic evolution of the solar nebula and protoplanetary disks Dmitry Semenov, Subrata Chakraborty and Mark Thiemens; 5. Laboratory studies of simple dust analogs in astrophysical environments John R. Brucato and Joseph A. Nuth III; 6. Dust composition in protoplanetaty dust Michiel Min and George Flynn; 7. Dust particle size evolution Klaus M. Pontoppidan and Adrian J. Brearly; 8. Thermal processing in protoplanetary nebulae Daniel Apai, Harold C. Connolly Jr. and Dante S. Lauretta; 9. The clearing of protoplanetary disks and of the protosolar nebula Ilaira Pascucci and Shogo Tachibana; 10. Accretion of planetesimals and the formation of rocky planets John E. Chambers, David O'Brien and Andrew M. Davis; Appendixes; Glossary; Index.


"Protoplanetary Dust is a terrific edition (No. 12) to the Cambridge Planetary Science Series. The authors are authorities in their respective fields, and the interdisciplinary perspective crafted by the editors is a delight. This book should be required reading for all cosmochemists (and astronomers), and it would serve as an excellent text for an interesting graduate course on the origin of solar systems." - Geochemical News

"...the book can be recommended not only to planetary scientists working in the field of planet formation but also to students who seek and introduction to this enormously challenging topic. The organization of the contents makes it possible to concentrate on certain aspects, as few people will be experts in all topics. Having the book on your shelf gives you the confidence that the comprehensive overview of the history of solids in our solar system from a simple grain to a beautiful planet we live on is just a move away." Ruth Ziethe, Planetary and Space Science


Daniel Apai, Dante Lauretta, Hans-Peter Gail, Peter Hope, Fred Ciesla, Cornelius P. Dullemond, Dmitry Semenov, Subrata Chakraborty, Mark Thiemens, John R. Brucato, Joseph A. Nuth III, Michiel Min, George Flynn, Klaus M. Pontoppidan, Adrian J. Brearly, Harold C. Connolly Jr., Ilaira Pascucci, Shogo Tachibana, John E. Chambers, David O'Brien, Andrew M. Davis

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