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Radical Right


  • 23 b/w illus. 31 tables
  • Page extent: 366 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521613859 | ISBN-10: 052161385X)

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The core puzzle which this book resolves is to explain why radical right parties have advanced in a diverse array of democracies--including Austria, Canada, Norway, France, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Russia, and Chile--while failing to make comparable gains in similar societies elsewhere, such as Sweden, Britain, and the United States. This book expands our understanding of support for radical right parties by presenting an integrated new theory which is then tested systematically using a wealth of cross-national survey evidence covering almost forty countries.


Part I. Understanding the Radical Right: 1. Understanding the rise of the radical right; 2. Classifying the radical right; 3. Comparing parties; Part II. The Regulated Marketplace: 4. Ballot access and campaign finance; 5. Electoral systems; Part III. Electoral Demand: 6. The 'new cleavage' thesis: the social basis of support; 7. 'None of the above': the politics of resentment; 8. 'Us and them': immigration, multiculturalism, and xenophobia; Part IV. Party Supply: 9. Location, location, location: party competition; 10. Consolidating party organizations; Part V. Consequences: 11. Assessing the rise of the radical right and its consequences.


"Norris has written a masterful and comprehensive account of the rise of radical right voting in liberal democracies. She offers a dispassionate, scientific, and nuanced treatment of the perplexing surge of xenophobic politics in a wide range of societies that are otherwise stable and affluent. Anyone who wants to understand these developments must read this book." James Hollifield, Southern Methodist University

"Radical Right by Pippa Norris should be high on the obligatory reading list for anyone wishing to understand the rise and dynamics of right-wing parties in Europe. Based on recent and cross-nationally inclusive data sets, it provides crisp answers to intensely debated questions in the burgeoning literature on its subject. At the same time, the book will give rise to new arguments and questions that open up avenues for further research." Herbert Kitschelt, Duke University

"Pippa Norris has made an important contribution to our understanding of why radical right parties have achieved electoral breakthrough in a wide range of wealthy, democratic countries, while failing to breakthrough in others. This is, by far, the best and most comprehensive analysis of this puzzle, and is a new baseline for scholarly analysis. " Martin Schain, New York University

"Radical Right is an important new contribution to the social sciences. Scholars from a variety of subfields and disciplines will gain critical insights into relationships between and among voters, party elites, electoral systems, and political institutions as a growing number of democracies struggle with high unemployment, globalization, increasing racial and ethnic diversity, and the social and political costs of legal and illegal immigration on native populations. Sociologists, political scientists, psychologists, and policy makers can learn much from Norrisa meticulous approach to an issue sure to become more salient in the future. " Carol Swain, Vanderbilt University

“Norris, an eminent Harvard expert in comparative democracy, explores why radical right-wing parties have enjoyed sustained success in some nations since 1990. Meticulously employing public opinion and election data, she dissects the experience of radical Right political movements in over two dozen nations. Balanced, careful, and thoughtful, Norris rejects “more lurid” claims about the radical Right. Highly recommended.”

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