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The Right War?


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  • Dewey number: 956.7044/3
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  • LC Classification: DS79.76 .R54 2005
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Iraq War, 2003-
    • United States--Politics and government--2001-
    • Iraq--Politics and government--2003-

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521673181 | ISBN-10: 0521673186)

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To declare oneself a conservative in American foreign policy is to enter immediately into a fractious, long-standing debate. Should America retreat from the world, deal with the world as it is, or try to transform it in its own image? Which school of thought - traditionalist, realist, or neoconservative - is truest to the country's ideals and interests? With the dramatic shift in American foreign policy since 9/11, these differences have been brought into stark relief, especially by the Bush administration's decision to go to war in Iraq. This book brings together the most articulate and influential voices in the debate among conservatives over the tactics and strategy of America's engagement in Iraq. Its contribution run the gamut from protests to second thoughts to full-throated endorsements, and represent a vivid sampling of the ideological currents likely to influence the Bush administration in its ongoing efforts in Iraq and the wider Middle East. Gary Rosen is Managing Editor of Commentary. He holds a PhD in political science from Harvard and is the author of "American Compact: James Madison and the Problem of Founding." His articles and reviews have appeared in Commentary, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.


Introduction Gary Rosen; 1. 'Iraq's Future - and Ours' Victor Davis Hanson; 2. 'The right war for the right reasons' Robert Kagan and William Kristol; 3. 'Iraq: losing the American way' James Kurth; 4. 'Intervention with a vision' Henry A. Kissinger; 5. 'An end to illusion' the Editors of National Review; 6. 'Quitters' Andrew Sullivan; 7. 'A more humble hawk'/'crisis of confidence' David Brooks; 8. 'Time for Bush to see the realities of Iraq' George F. Will; 9. 'Iraq may survive, but the dream is dead' Fouad Ajami; 10. 'The perils of hegemony' Owen Harries; 11. 'Like it's 1999: how we could have done it right' Fareed Zakaria; 12. 'Reality Check - this is war'/'In modern imperialism, U.S. needs to walk softly' Max Boot; 13. 'A time for reckoning: ten lessons to take away from Iraq' Andrew J. Bacevich; 14. 'World War IV: how it started, what it means, and why we have to win' Norman Podhoretz; 15. 'The neoconservative moment' Francis Fukuyama; 16. 'In defense of democratic realism' Charles Krauthammer; 17. 'Stay the course!' is not enough' Patrick J. Buchanan; 18. 'Realism's shining morality' Robert F. Ellsworth and Dimitri K. Simes; 19. 'Has Iraq weakened us?' Victor Davis Hanson; 20. 'Democracy and the Bush doctrine' Charles R. Kesler; 21. 'A time for humility' Eliot A. Cohen; 22. 'Birth of a democracy' Reuel Marc Gerecht.


"Valuable hindsight and foresight about American foreign policy and the war in Iraq." Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz

"The ideas and controversies described in this striking book will go far to shape American foreign policy in the Bush years and beyond. Every serious student of American foreign policy needs to consult this fresh and comprehensive collection." Walter Russell Mead, Kissinger Senior Fellow in U.S. Foreign Policy, Council on Foreign Relations

"A fascinating survey of state-of-the-art thinking on U.S. foreign policy, a lively debate between realists and neoconservatives, and an excellent intellectual guide for the perplexed." Josef Joffe, Editor, Die Zeit and Abramowitz Fellow, Hoover Institution at Stanford

"This collection is an indispensable guide to the most intellectually interesting and politically important debate in the U.S. on the war in Iraq. It should be on the shelf of every analyst of contemporary American policy." Anatol Lieven, Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation


Gary Rosen, Victor Davis Hanson, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, James Kurth, Editors of the National Review, Andrew Sullivan, David Brooks, George F. Will, Fouad Ajami, Owen Harries, Fareed Zakaria, Max Boot, Andrew J. Bacevich, Francis Fukuyama, Charles Krauthammer, Norman Podhoretz, Patrick J. Buchanan, Robert F. Ellsworth, Dimitri K. Simes, Charles R. Kesler, Eliot A. Cohen

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