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Blair's Britain, 1997–2007


  • 26 tables
  • Page extent: 708 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521709460)

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Tony Blair has dominated British political life for more than a decade. Like Margaret Thatcher before him, he has changed the terms of political debate and provoked as much condemnation as admiration. At the end of his era in power, this book presents a wide-ranging overview of the achievements and failures of the Blair governments. Bringing together Britain's most eminent academics and commentators on British politics and society, it examines the effect of the Prime Minister and his administration on the machinery of government, economic and social policy and foreign relations. Combining serious scholarship with clarity and accessibility, this book represents the authoritative verdict on the impact of the Blair years on British politics and society.


Part I. Politics and Government: 1. The Blair premiership Dennis Kavanagh; 2. Parliament Philip Cowley; 3. Elections and public opinion John Curtice; 4. Local government Tony Travers; 5. Central government Paul Fawcett and R. A. W. Rhodes; 6. The constitution Philip Norton; 7. Media management Raymond Kuhn; 8. Tony Blair as Labour Party leader Richard Heffernan; 9. Social democracy Vernon Bogdanor; Part II. Economics and Finance: 10. The Treasury and economic policy Peter Sinclair; 11. New Labour, new capitalism Robert Taylor; 12. Transport Stephen Glaister; 13. Industrial policy Nicholas Crafts; Part III. Policy Studies: 14. Law and the judiciary Michael Beloff; 15. Crime and penal policy Tim Newburn and Robert Reiner; 16. Immigration Sarah Spencer; 17. Schools Alan Smithers; 18. The health and welfare legacy Nick Bosanquet; 19. Equality and social justice Kitty Stewart; 20. Culture and attitudes Ben Page; 21. Higher education John O'Leary; Part IV. Wider Relations: 22. The national question Iain McLean; 23. Ireland: the Peace Process Frank Millar; 24. Europe Ian Bache and Neill Nugent; 25. Development Richard Manning; 26. Climate change Kunal Khatri; 27. Foreign policy Michael Clarke; 28. Defence Lawrence Freedman; Commentary Timothy Garton Ash; Commentary Philip Stephens; Conclusion: the net Blair effect, 1994–2007 Anthony Seldon.


"A compelling compendium of the Blair years from some of Britain’s most authoritative figures."
John Kampfner, New Statesman

"The authoritative verdict on the Blair years. Anthony Seldon and his team of experts tell an insightful and illuminating story of politics as policy rather than soap-opera."
Steve Richards, The Independent


Dennis Kavanagh, Philip Cowley, John Curtice, Tony Travers, Paul Fawcett, R. A. W. Rhodes, Philip Norton, Raymond Kuhn, Richard Heffernan, Vernon Bogdanor, Peter Sinclair, Robert Taylor, Stephen Glaister, Nicholas Crafts, Michael Beloff, Tim Newburn, Robert Reiner, Sarah Spencer, Alan Smithers, Nick Bosanquet, Kitty Stewart, Ben Page, John O'Leary, Iain McLean, Frank Millar, Ian Bache, Neill Nugent, Richard Manning, Kunal Khatri, Michael Clarke, Lawrence Freedman, Timothy Garton Ash, Philip Stephens, Anthony Seldon

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