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A History of German Theatre


  • Page extent: 464 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521833691)

  • Also available in Paperback
  • Published December 2008

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The first complete English-language history of German theatre, this study demonstrates how and why theatre became so important in German-speaking countries. Covering leading playwrights, directors and actors in German theatre, the book argues that theatre is more central to the artistic life of German-speaking countries than anywhere else worldwide.


Introduction Maik Hamburger and Simon Williams; 1. German Medieval theatre, c.10–600 Eckehard Simon; 2. German Baroque theatre and the Wandering Players, 1500–1750 George Brandt; 3. Classical theatre and the formation of a civil society, 1720–1832 Anthony Meech; 4. The Realistic theatre and bourgeois values, 1750–1900 Marvin Carlson; 5. The Romantic spirit in German theatre, 1790–1910 Simon Williams; 6. The theatre of dissent from Sturm und Drang to Brecht, 1770–1920 Hilda Meldrum Brown; 7. The rise of the director, 1850–1939 Christopher Innes; 8. Naturalism, Expressionism and Brecht: drama in dialogue with modernity, 1890–1960 David Barnett; 9. Nationalism and its uses in the German theatre, 1790–2000 S. E. Wilmer; 10. The space of the German theatre William F. Condee with Thomas Irmer; 11. Revolutions in scenography in the twentieth century Wilhelm Hortmann; 12. Playwriting in the contemporary German theatre: representation and its discontents, 1960–2006 David Barnett; 13. Directors and actors in the contemporary German theatre, 1945–2006 Michael Raab; 14. Patterns in the German theatre: from Goethe to the present day Erika Fischer-Lichte; 15. Theater-Treffen 2007 Maik Hamburger and Simon Williams.


Maik Hamburger, Simon Williams, Eckehard Simon, George Brandt, Anthony Meech, Marvin Carlson, Hilda Meldrum Brown, Christopher Innes, David Barnett, S. E. Wilmer, William F. Condee, Thomas Irmer, Wilhelm Hortmann, Michael Raab, Erika Fischer-Lichte

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