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The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity 2 Volume Hardback Set


  • Page extent: 1312 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

2 Hardback books

 (ISBN-13: 9780521876421)

Replaced by 9781107558809

$280.00 (R)

The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity comprises over forty specially commissioned essays by experts on the philosophy of the period 200–800 CE. Designed as a successor to The Cambridge History of Later Greek and Early Medieval Philosophy (edited by A. H. Armstrong), it takes into account some forty years of scholarship since the publication of that volume. The contributors examine philosophy as it entered literature, science and religion, and offer new and extensive assessments of philosophers who until recently have been mostly ignored. The volume also includes a complete digest of all philosophical works known to have been written during this period. It will be an invaluable resource for all those interested in this rich and still emerging field.


Volume 1: List of contributors; List of maps; General introduction Lloyd Gerson; Part I. Philosophy in the Later Roman Empire: Introduction to Part I; 1. The late Roman Empire from the Antonines to Constantine Elizabeth Digeser; 2. The transmission of ancient wisdom: texts, doxographies, libraries Gabor Betegh; 3. Cicero and the New Academy Carlos Lévy; 4. Platonism Harold Tarrant; 5. The second Sophistic Ryan Fowler; 6. Numenius Mark Edwards; 7. Stoicism Brad Inwood; 8. Peripatetics Robert Sharples; 9. The Chaldean Oracles Sarah Iles Johnston and John F. Finamore; 10. Gnosticism Edward Moore and John D. Turner; 11. Ptolemy Jacqueline Feke and Alexander Jones; 12. Galen R. J. Hankinson; Part II. The First Encounter of Judaism and Christianity with Ancient Greek Philosophy: Introduction to Part II; 13. Philo of Alexandria David Winston; 14. Justin Martyr Denis Minns; 15. Clement of Alexandria Catherine Osborne; 16. Origen Emanuela Prinzivalli; Part III. Plotinus and the New Platonism: Introduction to Part III; 17. Plotinus Dominic O'Meara; 18. Porphyry and his school Andrew Smith; 19. Iamblichus and his school John Dillon; Part IV. Philosophy in the Age of Constantine: Introduction to Part IV; 20. Introduction: the age of Constantine Elizabeth Digeser; 21. Themistius Inna Kupreeva; 22. The Alexandrian school. Theon of Alexandria, Hypatia Alain Bernard; 23. Hierocles of Alexandria Hermann Schibli; Part V. The Second Encounter of Christianity with Ancient Greek Philosophy: Introduction to Part V; 24. Basil of Caesarea Lewis Ayers and Andrew Radde-Gallwitz; 25. Gregory of Nyssa Anthony Meredith; 26. Gregory Nazianzus John McGucken; 27. Calcidius Gretchen Reydams-Schils; 28. Nemesius of Emesa Beatrice Motta; 29. Synesius of Cyrene Jay Bregman; 30. Marius Victorinus Stephen A. Cooper; 31. Augustine Giovanni Catapano. Volume 2: Part VI. Late Platonism: Introduction to Part VI; 32. From Constantine to Justinian Elizabeth Digeser; 33. Plutarch of Athens Angela Longo; 34. Syrianus Angela Longo; 35. Proclus Carlos Steel; 36. Ammonius and his school David Blank; 37. Damascius Gerd van Riel; 38. Olympiodorus Jan Opsomer; 39. Simplicius Han Baltussen; 40. John Philoponus Koenraad Verrycken; 41. Priscian, Pseudo-Simplicius F. A. J. De Haas; Part VII. The Third Encounter of Christianity with Ancient Greek Philosophy: Introduction to Part VII; 42. Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite Eric Perl; 43. Boethius John Magee; 44. Maximus the Confessor David Bradshaw; 45. John Scotus Eriugena Wayne Hankey; Part VIII. Philosophy in Transition: Introduction to Part VIII; 46. Early Byzantine philosophy Katerina Ierodiakonou and George Zografidis; 47. The origins of Islamic philosophy Cristina D'Ancona; 48. Ancient becomes medieval: the reception of ancient Greek philosophy in the Middle Ages Stephen Gersh; List of works of ancient authors; List of abbreviations; Bibliography; Index locorum; General index.


"This useful volume features 48 essays by expert contributors on philosophers, philosophical and religious movements (e.g. Gnosticism), theologians (e.g., Pseudo-Dionysius), and scientific thinkers (e.g., Ptolemy and Galen) … Especially valuable are the chapters on Christian Patristic thinkers (the Alexandrians and Cappadocians) and on the later pagan Neoplatonists, including Proclus, Damascius, Philoponus, and others … the essays summarizing the results of this research are most welcome. Accompanying the essays are a 50-page list of works by ancient authors, an invaluable 200-page bibliography, an extensive index locorum, and a brief general index of subjects and authors. This excellent reference work will be a valuable addition to college and university libraries … Highly recommended …"
J. Bussanich, Choice

"Gerson’s volume is a mine of information and a basic sourcebook for further deepening our understanding of the thought of late antiquity, whether historically, philologically, or - one would hope - philosophically."
John Rist, Journal of the History of Philosophy

"… a particularly useful research and teaching tool: the reader or instructor, in consulting a particular chapter, knows to a decent extent what she or he is getting … there is no question but that the editor has put together a History that performs a unique function and service in today’s scholarly world. Gerson’s many contributors have also all risen to a formidable task, making this an impressive showcase for the state of the art in a field that is rapidly gaining in recognition …"
Taneli Kukkonen, Philosophy in Review

"For this new two-volume history Lloyd Gerson commission[ed] eminent scholars to contribute chapters, focusing primarily on the period between 200 and 100 CE … The contributions are uniformly excellent. In addition to the subtlety with which the myriad philosophical positions and systems are articulated and examined, the contributions all display an impressive acquaintance with the important philological scholarship that informs current attempts to rehabilitate the reputations of authors and works from late antiquity … an indispensable reference work for the period …"
Michael Fournier, Canadian Journal of History


Lloyd Gerson, Elizabeth Digeser, Gabor Betegh, Harold Tarrant, Ryan Fowler, Mark Edwards, Brad Inwood, Robert Sharples, Sarah Iles Johnston, John F. Finamore, Edward Moore, John D. Turner, Jacqueline Feke, Alexander Jones, R. J. Hankinson, David Winston, Denis Minns, Catherine Osborne, Emanuela Prinzivalli, Dominic O'Meara, Andrew Smith, John Dillon, Inna Kupreeva, Alain Bernard, Hermann Schibli, Lewis Ayers, Andrew Radde-Gallwitz, Anthony Meredith, John McGucken, Gretchen Reydams-Schils, Beatrice Motta, Jay Bregman, Stephen A. Cooper, Giovanni Catapano, Angela Longo, Carlos Steel, David Blank, Gerd van Riel, Jan Opsomer, Han Baltussen, Koenraad Verrycken, F. A. J. De Haas, Eric Perl, John Magee, David Bradshaw, Wayne Hankey, Katerina Ierodiakonou, George Zografidis, Cristina D'Ancona, Stephen Gersh

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