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The Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology


  • 18 b/w illus. 27 tables
  • Page extent: 926 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 1.66 kg

Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 614/.15
  • Dewey version: 22
  • LC Classification: RA1148 .C36 2010
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Forensic psychology
    • Forensic Psychiatry

Library of Congress Record

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521878098)

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Forensic psychology has developed and extended from an original, narrow focus on presenting evidence to the courts to a wider application across the whole span of civil and criminal justice, which includes dealing with suspects, offenders, victims, witnesses, defendants, litigants and justice professionals. This handbook provides an encyclopedic-style source regarding the major concerns in forensic psychology. It is an invaluable reference text for practitioners within community, special hospital, secure unit, prison, probation and law enforcement forensic settings, as well as being appropriate for trainees and students in these areas. It will also serve as a companion text for lawyers and psychiatric and law enforcement professionals who wish to be apprised of forensic psychology coverage. Each entry provides a succinct outline of the topic, describes current thinking, identifies relevant consensual or contested aspects and alternative positions. Readers are presented with key issues and directed towards specialized sources for further reference.


Part I. Psychological Underpinnings; Part II. Assessments; Part III. Interventions; Part IV. Psychology and Criminal Behaviour; Part V. Psychology and Civil Law; Part VI. Special Topics; Part VII. Professional Practice; Part VIII. Research Practice.


"An excellent resource for those new to forensic psychology, for those already established in the profession, and for those in related professions, such as the law and psychiatry, in need of comprehensive guidance and resources to improve the quality of their involvement in a wide range of criminal justice settings. All the core areas of forensic practice are covered in interesting and well written chapters prepared by leading researchers and practitioners. Essential reading for all those in the field."
--Dr Caroline Logan, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust & University of Manchester

"One of the most comprehensive and valuable collections of material for academic and practicing forensic psychologists I have seen. An enormously useful resource."
--Professor Paul Wilson, Chair of Criminology and Forensic Psychologist, Bond University, Australia

"....this book will prove to be a useful introductory resource for anyone interested in a broad view of the field of forensic psychology. The chapters are well-written and clearly organized, with each providing a review of key issues and suggestions for further readings.... This handbook will be useful for students interested in the fields of forensic psychology, criminology, legal studies, sociology, and law.... individuals already involved directly with the criminal justice and court systems may also find information in this textbook informative to their professional practice. It is noteworthy that the editors include a major section on research practice, and this material will be instructive to students but also researchers in the field. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches are included...."
--Ronald Roesch and Billie Joe Rogers, Canadian Psychology/ Psychologie Canadienne


Jennifer M. Brown, Elizabeth A. Campbell, David Canter, Shihning Chou, Kevin Browne, Robert D. Hoge, Vernon L. Quinsey, Carolyn Semmler, Neil Brewer, T. M. McMillan, Marie Eyre, Laurence Alison, Vincent Egan, Daniel B. Fishman, Jane Goodman-Delahunty, Anthony R. Beech, Mary McMurran, Michael King, David Wexler, Kevin Howells, Miranda A. H. Horvath, Mark Kebbell, Paul A. Tiffin, Joanne M. Nadkarni, Dan Yarmey, Cara Laney, Elizabeth F. Loftus, John L. Taylor, William R. Lindsay, Gisli H. Gudjonsson, Becky Milne, Martine Powell, Seena Fazel, Derek Perkins, Martin A. Conway, Christine Puckering, Renée Gobeil, Ralph C. Serin, Sean Hammond, Todd E. Hogue, Don Grubin, Adria Pearson, Heidi La Bash, Victoria Follette, David Cooke, Grant T. Harris, Marnie E. Rice, G. A. Serran, W. L. Marshall, L. E. Marshall, M. D. O'Brien, Bruce D. Kirkcaldy, Randall Richardson-Vejlgaard, Joav Merrick, Camilla Herbert, Guy Hall, Carol A. Ireland, David P. Farrington, Brandon C. Welsh, Susan Young, Neil McKeganey, James McGuire, Roisin Hall, Graham Towl, Fiona Warren, Leigh Harkins, Brian Thomas-Peter, Devon L. L. Polaschek, Claire Nee, Lynsey Gozna, Julian Boon, Elizabeth Gilchrist, Joanna R. Adler, Agnieszka Golec de Zavala, Tom Ellis, Nathan Hall, Max Taylor, Ethel Quayle, Louis B. Schlesinger, Louise E. Porter, Jane Palmer, Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm, Margaret Wilson, Graham E. Powell, Charlotte C. Powell, Katarina Fritzon, Jane L. Ireland, Ilse Derluyn, Eric Broekaert, Claire Cooke, David A. Alexander, Graham Wagstaff, Lorraine Hope, Nathan D. Gillard, Richard Rogers, Catherine C. Ayoub, Paula Brough, Amanda Biggs, Adrian Bowers, William O'Donohue, Robert J. Edelmann, Michael Carlin, Darragh O'Neill, Arlene Vetere, Helen Wakeling, Rosie Travers, Peter Banister, Clive R. Hollin

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