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On Philosophy in American Law


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521883689)

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In recent years there has been tremendous growth of interest in the connections between law and philosophy, but the diversity of approaches that claim to be working at the intersection of philosophy and law might suggest that this area of inquiry is so fractured as to be incoherent. This volume gathers 38 leading scholars working in law and philosophy to provide focused and straightforward articulations of the role that philosophy might play at this juncture of American legal history. The volume marks the 75th anniversary of Karl Llewellyn’s essay “On Philosophy in American Law,” in which he rehearsed the broad development of American jurisprudence, diagnosed its contemporary failings, and then charted a productive path opened by the variegated scholarship that claimed to initiate a realistic approach to law and legal theory. The essays are written in the spirit of Llewellyn’s article: they are succinct and direct arguments about the potential for bringing law and philosophy together.


Part I. Karl Llewellyn and the Course of Philosophy in American Law: 1. On philosophy in American law K. N. Llewellyn; 2. Law in life, life in law: Llewellyn's legal realism revisited Jan M. Broekman; 3. On realism's own 'hangover' of natural law philosophy: Llewellyn Avec Dooyeweerd and David S. Claudill; 4. On the instrumental view of law in American legal culture Brian Z. Tamanaha; 5. When things went terribly, terribly wrong Steven L. Winter; 6. The mechanics of perfection: philosophy, theology and the perfection of American law Larry Cata Backer; Part II. Philosophical Perspectives on Law: 7. Toward normative jurisprudence Robin West; 8. Critical legal theory today Jack M. Balkin; 9. Reviving the subject of law Penelope Pether; 10. Law and creativity George H. Taylor; 11. The stories of American law Robert L. Hayman, Jr and Nancy Levit; Part III. Areas of Philosophy and Their Relationship to Law: 12. On philosophy in American law: analytical legal philosophy Brian H. Bix; 13. Political philosophy and prosecutorial power Austin Sarat and Connor Clarke; 14. On (moral) philosophy and American legal scholarship Matthew D. Adler; 15. The aretaic turn in American philosophy of law Lawrence B. Solum; 16. On continental philosophy in American jurisprudence Adam Thurschwell; 17. Psychoanalysis as the jurisprudence of freedom Jeanne L. Schroeder and David Gray Carlson; Part IV. Philosophical Examinations of Legal Issues: 18. Law as premise Frank I. Michelman; 19. Doing justice to justice: Paul Ricoeur on justice David Fisher; 20. Love is all you need: freedom of thought versus freedom of action Eugene Garver; 21. Legal philosophy over the next century (while we wait for the personal rocket transportation we were promised) R. George Wright; 22. Atmospherics: abortion law and philosophy Anita L. Allen; Part V. Law, Rhetoric and Practice Theory: 23. Foundationalism and ground truth in American legal philosophy: classical rhetoric, realism and pragmatism Eileen A. Scallen; 24. The irrelevance of contemporary academic philosophy for law: recovering the rhetorical tradition Francis J. Mootz III; 25. Dicta Peter Goodrich; 26. Recent and future concepts of law: from conceptual analysis to a practice theory of law Dennis Patterson; 27. The tasks of a philosophy of law Robert P. Burns; Part VI. Questioning the Relationship between Philosophy and American Law: 28. Law and philosophy at odds Larry Alexander and Emily Sherwin; 29. Jurisprudence: beyond extinction? Steven D. Smith; 30. It is what it is Pierre Schlag; 31. Philosophy? In American law? Philippe Nonet; Part VII. Commentaries: 32. Optimism and pessimism in American legal philosophy Carlos Ball; 33. The jurisprudential moment Marianne Constable; 34. Fresh looks, philosophy in action and American law Michael Sullivan.


K. N. Llewellyn, Jan M. Broekman, David S. Claudill, Brian Z. Tamanaha, Steven L. Winter, Larry Cata Backer, Robin West, Jack M. Balkin, Penelope Pether, George H. Taylor, Robert L. Hayman, Jr, Nancy Levit, Brian H. Bix, Austin Sarat, Connor Clarke, Matthew D. Adler, Lawrence B. Solum, Adam Thurschwell, Jeanne L. Schroeder, David Gray Carlson, Frank I. Michelman, David Fisher, Eugene Garver, R. George Wright, Anita L. Allen, Eileen A. Scallen, Francis J. Mootz III, Peter Goodrich, Dennis Patterson, Robert P. Burns, Larry Alexander, Emily Sherwin, Steven D. Smith, Pierre Schlag, Philippe Nonet, Carlos Ball, Marianne Constable, Michael Sullivan

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