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Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus <I>Homo</I>
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 (ISBN-13: 9780511055720 | ISBN-10: 0511055722)

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Assuming that the earliest human ancestors grew more like apes than current-day humans, when, how and why did our modern growth pattern evolve? Covering growth patterns within available Plio-Pleistocene Hominids, including juvenile fossil specimens, and individuals assigned to the newest species, Homo antecessor, this book provides a rich data source for anthropologists and evolutionary biologists exploring these questions.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction G. E. Krovitz, A. J. Nelson and J. L. Thompson; Part I. Setting the Stage: What Do we Know about Human Growth and Development?: 2. The human pattern of growth and development in paleontological perspective B. Bogin; 3. Postnatal ontogeny of facial position in Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes B. McBratney-Owen and D. E. Lieberman; 4. Variation in modern human dental development H. Liversidge; 5. Developmental variation in the facial skeleton on anatomically modern Homo sapiens U. Strand Vidarsdóttir and P. O'Higgins; 6. Linear growth variation in the archaeological record L. T. Humphrey; 7. Hominid growth and development: the modern context J. L. Thompson, A. J. Nelson and G. E. Krovitz; Part II. The First Steps: From Australopithecines to Middle Pleistocene Homo: 8. Reconstructing australopithecine growth and development: what do we think we know? K. L. Kuykendall; 9. Growth and life history in Homo erectus S. C. Antón and S. R. Leigh; 10. Patterns of dental development in Lower and Middle Pleistocene hominins from Atapuerca (Spain) J. M. Bermúdez de Castro, F. Ramírez Rozzi, M. Martinón-Torres, S. Sarimiento Pérez and A. Rosas; 11. Hominid growth and development from australopithecines to Middle Pleistocene Homo G. E. Krovitz, J. L. Thompson and A. J. Nelson; Part III. The Last Steps: The Approach to Modern Humans: 12. Diagnosing heterochronic perturbations in the craniofacial evolution of Homo (Neandertals and modern humans) and Pan (P. troglodytes and P. paniscus) F. L. Williams, L. R. Godfrey and M. R. Sutherland; 13. Shape and growth differences between Neandertals and modern humans: grounds for a species-level distinction? G. E. Krovitz; 14. Ontogenetic patterning and phylogenetic significance of mental foramen number and position in the evolution of Upper Pleistocene Homo sapiens H. Coqueugniot and N. Minugh-Purvis; 15. A new approach to the quantitative analysis of postcranial growth in Neandertals and modern humans: evidence from the hipbone T. Majó and A.-M. Tillier; 16. Ontogenetic variation in the Dederiych Neandertal infants: postcranial evidence O. Kondo and H. Ishida; 17. Hominid growth and development in Upper Pleistocene Homo A. J. Nelson, G. E. Krovitz and J. L. Thompson; 18. Conclusions: putting it all together A. J. Nelson, J. L. Thompson and G. E. Krovitz; Index.


G. E. Krovitz, A. J. Nelson , J. L. Thompson, B. Bogin, B. McBratney-Owen , D. E. Lieberman, H. Liversidge, U. Str, Vidarsdóttir , P. O'Higgins, L. T. Humphrey, K. L. Kuykendall, S. C. Antón , S. R. Leigh, J. M. Bermúdez de Castro, F. Ramírez Rozzi, M. Martinón-Torres, S. Sarimiento Pérez , A. Rosas, F. L. Williams, L. R. Godfrey , M. R. Sutherland, H. Coqueugniot , N. Minugh-Purvis, T. Majó , A.-M. Tillier, O. Kondo , H. Ishida

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